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The Dragon Ball series follows the story of Goku, a young Saiyan boy as he becomes one of the strongest fighters on Earth. Goku's pure heart has helped him make new friends and turn enemies into allies.

Pan Vs Goten

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By Jeremy Carden. Yes, I will be talking about the two female Saiyans in the show well females with Saiyan blood in them. As a matter of fact, aside from Fasha they are the only female Saiyans that gets a memorable role in the show…. However, the end result is the same she is the newest addition to the Son family and along with that she has access to incredible power. Now, it seems that Pan is going to be born before Bulla due to the events of Battle of Gods with Videl being pregnant and Bulma not being shown or mentioned to be carrying a baby inside her.

Whoa, why would I say something like that?

Granddaughter pan

In any case, back to the manner at hand; GT was a real shame not just because of the lack of character growth for Gohan and the other Saiyan hybrids but Bulla was just…useless. Her only moment of usefulness similar to Pan having only one making her existence somewhat bearable was getting Vegeta to shave his mustache. Pan was the one shown to actually have powers, true we see Bulla flying once but that was only when she was controlled by Baby.

It is debatable as to whether or not she knew how to fly before. You know what the real shame is?

She learned some martial arts from Mr. Satan and still proved to be more powerful in combat than Bulla!! Pan guess what! Bulma; My daughter is weaker than Mr. What was that for?!

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If anyone should have become a Super Saiyan it should have been her! Of course being the daughter of one of the wealthiest companies in the world probably did nothing to motivate her to take the training route instead opting to go shopping, she seems like her mother.

Bulma might have been deceptive, selfish and spoiled but when she saw something in life that she wanted, she went for it! That was the whole reason she went to hunt down the Dragonballs; to get the prince of her dreams and she got it many years later! Now if you want to talk about genetics similar to how people assume how Goten and Trunks were Pan vs goten to go SS very easily when they were young because Goku was most likely in his Full Power Super Saiyan form when he had sex with Chi-Chi.

Super Saiyan. Videl is too but she spent most of her life studying martial arts and though she might not powerful by Saiyan standards or by the standards set by Human Z-Fighters like Krillin, Yamacha or Tien. She is still in the ranking of the top non-powered human.

Goku y goten vs vegeta y truns vs gohan y pan

The main reason she was not able to transform was most likely due to the energy sucking pollution by the 2-star dragon. Not counting Zangya since she was in Pan vs goten Unbound and that was non-canon. According to most sources, it was mainly due to the creator s of the show never really drawing illustrations. So, there was really no telling what a female Super Saiyan would look like. Hercule mentioned that she was a little girl not a Super Saiyan only for Kibito Kai to mention that she certainly has the heart of a Super Saiyan!

Aside from genetics and whatnot, I think that these two could not only become more powerful than Goten and Trunks but I feel that they could become Super Saiyans faster than they did. A sad fact of life that all men will hear at least once in their lives while they are children; girls mature faster than boys!

Seriously, that might do a lot in terms of helping these girls develop their abilities faster than Goten and Trunks! He was shocked to see Goten age 7 already has the ability to transform, but now imagine the look on his face to see his record broken by two little girls! Now aside from female Super Saiyans there is something else that the girls would have to accomplish to further challenge the power of their male counterparts. Also take into consideration that Pan appeared to be the only living Z-Fighter years after the events of the Baby Saga.

There is no telling what kind of powers she achieved before becoming elderly.

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Most of his screen time was him being seen with Pan. You dont consider the movie bojack unbound bc its non-cannon but you use theories from gt and its non-cannon so i believe your theories are wrong only db and dbz are cannon. Maybe rethink your theories. This entire blog is based on mostly non-canon material. And even so Bojack Unbound would not be present in this theory.

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Perhaps Bojack was there too? But in any case this was more about speculation than pure fact and what not. Reblogged this on Anime Blog.

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Hopefully since trunks and goten were young during battle of gods and got humiliated by bills they would train more and get stronger when there teenagers since they have 3 years to train goku vegeta should train with goten and trunks so by the time bills comes pan will be 3 and goten would be 11 and trunks Type: pan Then Look at her age. Type: bulla Then look at her age But after all that lets be honest essentially nothing form GT should be taken into consideration, as there are many plot holes in it.

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Goten vs pan

Notify me of new comments via. Notify me of new posts via. By Jeremy Carden Yes, I will be talking about the two female Saiyans in the show well females with Saiyan blood in them. Pan and Goku; Uh-huh….

Base goten and base trunks vs pan (gt)

Trunks; Can I pass as your daughter now dad? What am I doing with my life? Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading August 8, at pm. Jeremy Carden says:. August 13, at pm.

Base goten and base trunks vs pan (gt)

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Granddaughter pan

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Could bulla and pan surpass goten and trunks?

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