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Wolfgang Cutler was an Aryan inmate featured in Oz. Portrayed by Brendan Kelly. Cutler appears in the show's fifth and sixth seasons.

Oz Spoon Scene

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Here be the Nightmare Fuel for Oz. With examples like the following, it is not at all hard to see why this show was one of the most disturbing of its time.

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If you do not have access to the group, please PM Niamh. Most disturbing scene in Oz? October Lockstep View profile Send Private Message. Date: August I just got season 3 of Oz and it's one damn fine show. Are there any other fans out there?

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If so, what would you consider the roughest scene in it. I'd go for spoon rape. Hellm0 View profile Send Private Message. Date: October Yeh the Spooning was pretty bad.

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Poor guy. Sad sad sad: 3 When Peter Shibbeta gets raped by Adabici. Come to think of it the whole thing is riddled with scenes of a gruesome nature. Date: May I was gonna say the spooning incident too One of the l has forever thought that spooning means that and not the romantic version Messed up show, brilliant though Date: September Wasn't there another scene where Shillinger crucifies a guy to the floor? Date: June One scene that I remember vividly is the one where some inmates cut the basketball playing hack's achilles heel just as he;d found out he was invited to try-outs for some major team.

Those are all horrible scenes.

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OZ was a horribly graphic show, with the abuse of Cyril O'Reily being pretty bad. He was a sweetheart. But it did have some heartwarming bits. Like when Hill found Dobson a trumpet player to practice with. The scene where the trumpet guy appears and their playing together is a stunner:D And yeah, there was a scene where the Aryans crucify a priest to the floor.

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Robert Sipple was molestor who I actually felt for, he turned himself in and seemed genuinely repentant, but was then nailed to the gym. Oz has some really twisted parts in it. Just delightfully twisted. User View profile Send Private Message. Date: January The guy luke perry who was shoved in the wall and toasted and then shoved in the wall again to die, hate that.

User wrote: ».

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REverand jeremiah Cloutier What a dude Worst scene is still spoon rape Or alvarez cutting the eyes out. I have seaoson 3 on as we speak.

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I think I would've made a good Irish gang addition. Skinny,sharp boyish looks, ability to box, irish accent. Oh yes.

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Beecher getting his revenge was amazing. As Hill said"we love to root for the underdog".

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Dudess View profile Send Private Message. Date: July Aw Christ, that's just horrible! P it's more graphic than Prison Break. Not a prison drama person myself.

R.e. rodgers: james robson

Was disturbed for months. Other than that, American History X :eek:. Saw a bit of Papillon - couldn't hack it.

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I'm a bit of a wuss. Scene when Beecher was Schillingers wife, went something like "Schillinger "Take off your clothes, your takin a shower" Beecher "I already had one" Schillinger "Trust me, after the shower Im giving you you will wanna have another" :eek::eek: I think it was right after this he made him wear the confederate shirt and Beecher, realising he could either die chancing his arm at Vern or get beaten by the black l re his shirt, and nearly took Verns eye out with flying glass :eek::D Then there was the time he knocked him out and took a Barry White on his face.

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Another "aw jaysus" scene, when they find Johnny Post has been murdered by the mafia, and as a final insult they cut off his lad and put it in his own mouth. The flying monkeys or when the house crushed the Wicked Witch of the West. Dudess wrote: ».

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Pigman II wrote: ». Oz is probably the most graphic tv show I've ever seen. Ironically tho I never find it to be gruesome or grim.

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It's almost farcical in its construction. Prison Break doesn't come anywhere near the awsomeness that is Oz. Oz is one of the most graphic tv shows I have ever seen though. Degsy View profile Send Private Message. Date: December There was scene wher Peter schibetta tried to re-asert his manhood by attacking Schillinger in the workshop.

He ended up getting bashed and raped by three of them. I also thought the scene where Adebesi pours boiling soup over Poet and some other guy and thier resulting screams as they're taken to the infirmiry was particularly horrible. Agreed, Prison Break is mildly diverting but most of the people I know who are into it are emotional teenage girls who whine that T-Bag said he'd rape someone.

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Oz had Adebisi raping schibetta and Schibetta going loco as a result beat that. MikeHoncho wrote: ». What do you mean beat that? The way you are going on it sounds like you "Beat it" to disturbing rape scenes.

[tomt][video] prison scene were inmate gets butt raped by a spoon

Your the one who is acting more like a teenager. The measure of the show is not in how graphic or disturbing it is. Oz was never meant for a mainstream audience and hence never got one. Prison Break is written for the masses to enjoy. Your going on like these disturbing scenes are cool.