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When a man is castrated, does he lose all senses of the urge to have sex? Or, is it that he loses all ejaculation, but the urges are still there?

Orgasm After Castration

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A review of the literature on castrated sex offenders reveals a very low incidence of sexual recidivism. The low sexual recidivism rates reported are critiqued in light of the methodologic limitations of the studies. Orchiectomy may have a role in risk assessments; however, other variables should be considered, particularly as the effects can be reversed by replacement testosterone. Several states have recently enacted laws deed to identify a small group of extremely dangerous incarcerated sexual offenders who represent a threat to public safety if released from custody. Approximately four percent of these individuals were referred for commitment, with two percent being found by clinical evaluators to meet the criteria.

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The rare phenomenon of consecutive ejaculations in male rats

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This article belongs to the Section Andrology. Mounting, intromission and ejaculation are commonly reported sexual behaviours in male rats. In a mating session, they can have several copulatory series with post-ejaculatory intervals in between ejaculations before they reach sexual satiety.

Castration effects

Here, we describe a phenomenon where male rats displayed consecutive ejaculations CE with a short inter-ejaculatory interval IEI. Male rats were daily mated with a sexually receptive female rat. Two out of 15 rats displayed CE in one of their mating tests. The first rat had CE at 9. The second rat showed CE at During the IEI, the rats did not show any mounting or intromission.

The impact of surgical castration on sexual recidivism risk among sexually violent predatory offenders

Keywords: multiple ejaculations; male rodents; male sexual behaviour; multiple orgasms; consummatory behaviour; refractory period multiple ejaculations ; male rodents ; male Orgasm after castration behaviour ; multiple orgasms ; consummatory behaviour ; refractory period. Introduction Male sexual behaviours in rodents are characterised by three distinct behaviours: mounting, intromission, and ejaculation [ 12 ]. During an ejaculation, there is a vaginal penetration the deep forward pelvic thrustand the male rat freezes on the female for one to three seconds [ 1 ].

While the actual semen expulsion is not usually visible, a plug can occasionally be found in the vagina or surrounding area because rat semen coagulates quickly to form a plug. Typically, a male rat could reach an ejaculation after a series of mounts and intromissions. Following ejaculation, the rat enters a refractory period, during which he does not respond to sexual stimuli for several minutes [ 3 ] before he s another series of mounts and intromissions until the next ejaculation.

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Male rats can have multiple copulatory series for about min [ 4 ], ranging from 5 to 12 copulatory series [ 5 ]. After this, the rats will reach sexual satiety or sexual exhaustion, and remain sexually inactive for a prolonged period of time. Recently, we conducted a study on the impact of chronic sleep deprivation CSD on male sexual behaviours in rodents [ 6 ]. The study involved sexually experienced male rats, which were subjected to CSD, imposed by keeping them awake for the last four hours of the light phase.

Control rats were left undisturbed in their home cage at the same time of day.

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In reviewing the literature for such behaviour, some studies have reported that rats are capable of having multiple ejaculations in a single mating session, and each pair of ejaculations is separated by a post-ejaculatory interval PEIas well as a series of mounts and intromissions [ 57 ]. However, we did not find any report stating that rats can have CE, with a short inter-ejaculatory interval IEIand no mounts or intromissions before the second ejaculation.

The impact of surgical castration on sexual recidivism risk among sexually violent predatory offenders

As in rodents, humans can also display ejaculation, i. However, humans can also experience an orgasm, i. In humans, ejaculation and orgasm may be perceived as a single event, even though they are not the same biological process [ 9 ].

Furthermore, there is evidence that some men can have an ejaculation without having an orgasm [ 1011 ], and some men can have an orgasm without an ejaculation [ 12131415 ]. There are also case reports on men who can have multiple ejaculations within a short period, but they required at least a few minutes of sexual stimulation between ejaculations [ 1617 ]. However, to date, we are aware of no published report of men who can have ejaculations with no sexual stimulation e.

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Despite this, one of us EW has received several anecdotal claims from men who reported having minimal or no refractory periods and are able to have multiple ejaculations with and without orgasms within a narrow time frame. The CE behaviour in rodents may bear a resemblance to men with minimal or short refractory periods, who can have multiple ejaculations.

However, whether the CE behaviour can mimic multiple orgasms in men is difficult to answer, because we cannot assess orgasm in rats. Pfaus et al. For example, during ejaculation, male rats have pelvic floor contractions [ 19 ], as are also observed in humans [ 20 ].

The purpose of this article is to describe a rare phenomenon where rats displayed two ejaculations consecutively with a short IEI, and no mounts or intromissions, between them. This behaviour was observed Orgasm after castration one strain of inbred laboratory animals. To date, there is no documentation of whether other strains or non-laboratory rats can also show such behaviour.


All rats in this study were adult male Long Evans rats averaging The male rats had at least four encounters 30 min each, on separate days with a receptive female before the first day of the experiment. Sexual experience was observed at 4 to 6 h into the dark phase of their lighting cycle 30 min eachunder a sodium light. All tests were recorded on a digital camera.

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All rats were given up to six separate encounters to demonstrate ejaculation twice with one female rat in one session. In this study, only one rat of the 16 was excluded because he ejaculated fewer than twice in the last sexual experience session, meeting our criteria for hyposexual. The female rats used in the mating tests were ovariectomised. The ovaries were removed from the abdomen using forceps, before the oviduct and associated blood vessels were clamped with haemostats. These were tied off with absorbable sutures and cut distal to the sutures.

Absorbable sutures were used again to close the skin and abdominal muscle. Carprofen was delivered at the same dose as it was initially for two more days after surgery. The females did not undergo any behavioural testing for at least seven days following surgery, and they recovered in the animal care facility. Male rats were allowed to have a few days of no mating before the main experiment involving daily mating tests for 14 days Orgasm after castration.

Hysterectomy and sexual wellbeing: prospective observational study of vaginal hysterectomy, subtotal abdominal hysterectomy, and total abdominal hysterectomy

For the main experiment, the rats were randomly grouped into either those that would receive CSD and those that would not control. Rats ased to the CSD group were deprived of sleep for the last 4 h of the light period. This was carried out for seven consecutive days, followed by a seven-day recovery period.

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The rats not allocated to the CSD group remained in their home cage and experienced no sleep disruption for the 14 days. CSD was achieved by disrupting the rat whenever it showed s of getting ready to sleep lying still, for example, or curling up.

Such methods included shaking the bedding, tapping the cage, or introducing new objects plastic toys. No physical contact with the rat was made. Following the conclusion of all behavioural tests, all rats were euthanised. The recordings of the rat behaviour taken throughout the experiment were scored using BORIS software [ 22 ], specifically mounting, intromission, and ejaculation.