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Obi wan x ventress, I looking up somebody who like Obi wan x ventress

Today I will tell you.

Obi Wan X Ventress

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Obi wan Kenobi is the prettiest guy in the universe. Will Obi-Wan finally let Anakin help him? I have always wanted Obi-Wan to play a more powerful roll in the Star Wars world. He obviously already plays a big part, but sometimes I feel like his position gets undermined.

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Go to ', event. Level Five.

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Both in their prime. Who wins, by what margin, and why? No "X wins" type posts pls.

Level Six. Obi-Wan should win with low difficulty, if he is in the mindset when he fought against Anakin. Ventress is extremely skilled but she is nowhere near Dooku, both in sabers and Force. Obi-Wan's form being capable of deflecting Anakin's strikes combined with his immense strength should be able to block and overcome anything Ventress can throw at Kenobi.

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Unless Ventress can use an instant rush of Force and choke Kenobi like she did way back in CW against both him and Skywalker, she doesn't have anything in her arsenal to overcome Kenobi's defences. Even that is extremely unlikely. Ventress being focused on offense rather than defence is also an advantage for Kenobi. In every aspect, Obi-Wan seems to be superior. Level Three.

Asajj ventress

He has better feats against more powerful opponents like MF Vader, Dooku and Maul and has proven he can beat her on several occasions. Level One. I'll adhere to the updated timeline as outlined by Hidalgo in the Essential Reader's Companion, so as not to sideline the main debate. Comparing the two via Dooku obviously isn't fair, as we know that Ventress is uniquely vulnerable to his force abilities due to withheld knowledge and a personal connection, something not shared by Obi-Wan; If Dooku wanted to end her, he would.

He had not taught her all the Sith lore he possessed, but even the slender connection between them made her terribly vulnerable to his arts. Obi-Wan Kenobi and Asajj Ventress are pretty evenly matched.

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After realising that her mission on Teth has failed, Ventress escapes by leaping onto a swooping vulture droid. The two go at each other relentlessly, a pair of evenly matched warriors, a Jedi and a Sith, both strong with the power of the Force. The Temple was still the greatest nexus of Force energy on the planet, perhaps even the galaxy, and it was unquestionably the best place in the galaxy for intense, focused meditation.

The Jedi Temple was the greatest nexus of Force energy in the Republic; its ziggurat de focused the Force the way a lightsaber's gemstone focused its energy stream.

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Obi-Wan felt the water surge at him, and he let that surge carry him in its natural arc. His lightsaber flashed in, and for the first time, he cut her. The wound was low on the ribs on her right side, and her eyes widened in pain and sudden fear. In the same instant, Obi-Wan threw caution to the winds, and went at her.

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His blade was here, there, at all angles, and her wound slowed her Then he threw her backward with a Force push. She hit a column hard enough to hear something crack, and staggered to her feet. Ventress chased him through the passages and up flights of ancient stone stairs, slowed by whatever she'd injured - vertebrae, ribs? Well, Kenobi did go from having his bones bent, his strikes knocked aside contemptuously, nearly killed until he manipulated the servos in Vader's prosthetic hand, and blasted all over the place by Vader, to "countering and deflecting" his telekinetic attacks and fighting evenly with him in sabers.

All because he let go of all of his attachments.

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In fact, I believe we ought to dub this "Buddha! Kenobi" or "Buddhanobi" from now on. I recall Ventress getting manhandled by Anakin shortly before RotS. I mostly wanted to see how badly Ventress loses - wasn't expecting an argument for her winning. Level Two. Ventress poses no threat to someone who is inferior to a shadow of prime Kenobi.

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Greysentinel wrote: Ventress poses no threat to someone who is inferior to a shadow of prime Kenobi. Ventress overwhelmed by the sheer power of Anakin's rage is beaten, electrocuted, wrapped in coils of wire, and dropped from the top of a tower. Last edited by JediJuice on August 23rdam; edited 1 time in total. JediJuice wrote: Greysentinel wrote: Ventress poses no threat to someone who is inferior to a shadow of prime Kenobi. Last edited by Greysentinel on August 23rdam; edited 1 time in total.

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Ventress also never "clowns" Anakin in the DoR fight. She mentally unbalances him by mentioning Padme which allows an early advantage. Lands a surprise cheapshot and then a trade. Hadly "clowning.

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ILS wrote: Greysentinel wrote: Ventress poses no threat to someone who is inferior to a shadow of prime Kenobi. Greysentinel He sought to create a network of Force-wielding agents loyal only to him. None would be trained sufficiently to be a threat to Darth Bane's insistence that there only be two Sith, nor would they be a threat to Darth Sidious or his apprentice, Darth Vader. Level Seven. Prime Kenobi takes it decisively, though it's a good fight. He's more skilled than her and reasonably more powerful. Then again, she's the one person who managed to resist his flirting and didn't lose in a fairly embarrassing way afterwards, so there's that going for her.

The Adventurous Jedi.

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Starships and Vehicles Collection ANH Vader did hold a considerable advantage over Ben, so that should be taken into. Nearly every source depicting the actual fight has Vader blocking Ben's attacks with little difficulty and putting him on the defensive. Even the film supports this with Ben temporarily holding his own at the start then being continuously forced back. The only time Ben actually puts Vader on the defensive is when he surprises him by catching him off-guard, something that can - and has - happened to some of the best swordsman in Star Wars.