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Close share via share via facebook share via twitter. Throughout his career Degas returned to the same figures and motifs again and again, constantly modifying and refining them.

Nikki Dee Ray Nudes

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Kenn Duncan, photographer, was well known for his photographs of performing artists. The archive documents his career. Considered by many to be one of the foremost dance photographers of the late twentieth century, Kenneth Duncan, Jr. Duncan came by both photography and dancing in an indirect way. His initial interest in movement came about through his study of ballet which he undertook in order to perfect his form as a roller-skating champion.

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. Next. We had a meteorologist in town named Nikki Dee Ray. Some nudes got ed to the public boards of her news station. She was cheating on her husband with a local business owner. She seemed nice. But fuck cheaters. Quote History.

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View Quote View All Quotes. Quoted: Quoted: Mexican weather chicks always trump US weather chicks. Quoted: This girl is pretty Damn cute.

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There's a local sports girl that isn't too bad looking. When she first started she had some racy photos on her FB. Google Anna Logan and select images. Her Insta was lamer than i thought. Hannah McKenzie is 1 by far. Today she is wearing yoga pants while reporting from Panama City. Quoted: We had a meteorologist in town named Nikki Dee Ray. She was well liked and you'd see her around town from time to time, bubbly gal.

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Sexy lingeriesome tits, and several of her jamming a purple dillo, or so I've heard She lost her job over the affair and moved to another state. Quoted: Si'. Quoted: purple "dillo" you say this i must see didnt knw larue had purple ones.

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Quoted: Mexican weather chicks always trump US weather chicks. JPG You forgot one. The local Seattle TV station had their news babes quit. They were replaced with a couple of the fat ugly hags that the other TV stations fired and they hired on new fat ugly hags. One of the all around reporters she works for 2 of the TV stations and does bit news pieces for all of themshe's a married cutie.

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I have talked to her on her Facebook, she's funny. Quoted: Quoted: Who is this scrumptious delectable delight??!! Amy Andrews Detroit Fox 2. I now love this thread and i need to move. Our local Fox reporter, very hot! Quoted: Ours are all fat with what I call, Arizona hair.

It's not good, trust me. Quoted: I was just saying earlier this year how DFW was lacking "talent" in the news department and then she arrived on the scene.

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Attached File. Quoted: Lyle Lovett is doing the news now? Too bad they couldn't fix that a little better in surgery, but they were probably just trying to keep her nose from falling out. JPG View Quote. View Quote Yep, this. That thing almost looks Canadian.!!!

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View Quote Other than big kitties, she's a skank. She's got a jaw like Gomer Pyle. This is the one. Evolved from a Jesery cow, she was.

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One day here on Fox, she was reporting about a school here in the metro area by the name of "Walker Butte". Also, she spoke with a normal "American" accent until it became fashionable to "be Hispanic". Then the way she pronounced her name rolling the "R" in "Romero" all of a sudden showed up. She is phony as hell.

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Notice the hair curler and hair brush on that empty desk? She is probably high maintenance beyond belief. If anything, she could use a few sandwiches.

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At least she's cute and doesn't look like a stuck-up bitch. I haven't watched the news in Forever, what channel is she on and when is she on? JPG View Quote I just get the feeling that dress was not off the rack and involved some tailoring of certain areas.

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It's not attractive either way. I hope it's a REAL meteorologist. Go CT! Eta Oh hey you! JPG Lyle Lovett is doing the news now?