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HGTV is a hugely popular TV network that features shows about home renovation, de, and real estate.

Nicole Curtis Gay

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Sure, we complain about annoying clients who have impossible wish lists and roll our eyes when house hunters with poor taste choose the wrong home. In fact, there are some HGTV hosts viewers love to hate, whether for their bad de choices, monotonous scripts, controversial moves off-camera, or the misleading segments on their shows. A prime example? But the outcome is almost always the same. Andromeda Dunker Andromeda Dunker via Instagram. Some people get annoyed by her narration style.

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Nicole wrote that a homeowner chose not to keep up an American flag she had placed at the front door. I wish all those people would leave. They are part of what is wrong with our federal, state, and local governments. Love of country is demonstrated by many in their own way. The danger is when it becomes my way or the highway. A friend knows one of the tradespeople that has appeared on her show. He says she doesn't do much work, mostly swans around while the crew does everything, they work horrific hours late into the night, and are told they are "lucky" to be on the show because it will bring them work.

If you're skilled at your trade, you don't need to work 18 hour days on a TV show to get jobs. This guy came away with a really bad impression of her and basically Nicole curtis gay her a phony who just sits there and looks good. I was kind of Nicole curtis gay to hear that, because she seems to do a lot of cleaning on the show, even if she's not doing heavy labor or skilled work.

Cleaning is a full time job on a site like she usually works, so not being a plumber or electrician doesn't mean you're not working. He really disliked her so I don't really know what that's about. According to him, plenty of workers are not saying nice things behind her back. I think part of it is how all these shows put artificial deadlines on jobs, then everybody has to work themselves to death to achieve them. Tradespeople don't get the point of that and think it's just phony.

They don't realize they have air dates and budget-related deadlines to meet. I like her show. She seems really feisty, so I can see her rubbing people the wrong way. I've learned a lot from watching her, and it's interesting to see the old houses, so I'll be sorry if they pull the show. I like her. She really seems to know her shit and yes she does get in there and work.

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Maybe not as an electrician, carpenter or plumber, but she does demo, painting, tile work, wood floor refinishinglots of stuff that requires patience and elbow grease. She's great at restoration. The thing I can't stand is how she dresses. Flip flops, tank tops and short shorts to do messy demo work?

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I will never understand the American obsession with their flag. Patriotism would come from within and not from a piece of cloth. The people who buy the houses are not paying less than market value for the home -- they're paying full price. They don't receive any breaks from HGTV. Then this nut job woman who is being paid by HGTV makes threats to the people who are paying full price to buy these homes on Facebook? I hope there is full disclosure by HGTV to the potential owners that they might wind up being disparaged and told to leave the country on the Facebook of one of their employees.

What's with these ultra Conservative religious yahoos? I guess they are truly so incredibly stupid, they don't see that they are coming across as fascists? It's truly mind boggling how stupid these 'patriot' freaks are. Just because someone doesn't want to keep a flag up in front of their home, she tells them to leave their country? Control freak much?

She always came across as dumb as a Florida jury so this is not a Nicole curtis gay. I'm disappointed.

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Love her show. Seems very cool, never thought she'd be so obsessed with the flag. What a dumb cunt. Flags should not be used for decoration. And they should never be left up at night. They should be taken down every single night.

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I learned that in second grade. Time for me to HGTV and ask them what they think of their host publicly telling house buyers that they need to leave the country.

Is she married or single?

Okay, once a person sells a house that person has NO say in what the new owner does. If cunt Nicole put a flag up to sell the house, the new owner is not obligated to leave the flag up. I don't know anyone who flies a flag year round.

Most people break them out for VD or July 4th.

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Don't christians have a thing about worshiping false idols? The flag is one of those false idols.

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R32, how did your feces-addled mind manage to crawl over here from Facebook? This is not the place for you. Yeah, R32, there is a difference between worship and respect. She does the former and knows nothing about the latter given that she doesn't even know the rules about flags. So kiss her pussy if you like but don't confuse it with real emotions and actions. Her renovation philosophy is more or less sound, and she actually has a bit of useful and correct info to impart now and again, but the focus on tacky, craftsy recycled and repurposed elements are far too much the focus, and the execution and pretty dreadful.

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For a top surface of a small bathroom sink vanity, she'll use random old bits of beaded wainscoting found in a pile in the garage. Half the episode is her screeching about what a genius she solution she has devised, a further five minutes of her doing a bit of scraping and hammering; then five minutes of admiring her own work -- never mind the fact that the top doesn't attach to or meet the wall; that she left the exposed ends with raw saw cuts and splinters; that she actually used two types of boards that don't match in thickness so that the back third of the countertop is on a different plane than the front two-thirds; or that water --it is a sink-- will pool in the beaded areas and generally damage the old mismatched lead painted surfaces that she just barely ran a bit of sandpaper over.

Good for her. People who disrespect our flag should be free to do it Some of you with totalitarian tendencies don't understand the concept of free speech and having the personal character to defend the honor of the very country that has Nicole curtis gay it, for you. Her opinion is great: Anyone who is ashamed of The American Flag, while enjoying life in America, is an ingrate and loser.

They should be free to be a loser, of course. And she should be free to say they are. Enjoy your posting on a gay oriented message board. I'm sure it compares well with the ones found in ISIS-land. Your property, your decision. End of story. Right wingers always yammer on about individual rights, but don't walk the walk. Will she pay for the visa application and residency requirements if she's shipping them out of America?

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It's not like we're welcomed anywhere else anymore. Although I suppose they could apply for political refugee status in the many countries with greater freedom of speech than the USA, who also help more people per capita in danger from persecution in their home country: Canada, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Uruguay, New Zealand, Germany, Portugal.

The US flag stands for corporatist warmaking and unsustainable consumerist anti-intellectualism. No thanks. Also, a person who takes down an American flag from their house because Nicole curtis gay doesn't fit their decor or whatever, while enjoying American freedoms is a feckless tool and it should be shouted from the rooftops.

Oh, that's right: Speaking out against gay-slaughtering Islam is "hate speech" in those counties. I watch a lot of HGTV but really didn't like Curtis just from her commercials for her show, actually I have never watch a minute of the actual show, nor will I ever.

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I am an American, and I love my country, very grateful that I was born here but I also realize it's faults. People who are overly patriotic scare me, scare me very much because they often refuse to see any faults with their country. People reacted by draping their cars and houses with every sort American flag object they could find. It looked quite trashy and made Americans look like imbeciles.