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Naruto fucks tsunade fanfiction, Thai Naruto fucks tsunade fanfiction look up guy to tickling

Naruto Hentai Tsunade.

Naruto Fucks Tsunade Fanfiction

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Disclaimer: Neither of us own, or make any money off of Naruto, or any of the other properties in this fic. Chapter 1: A Quick Primer To think, it was as simple as breathing. Kushina and Minato lived after the Kyuubi attack, and Tobi did not. Tobi was killed instantly, but the Kyuubi was still free.

Unfortunately, Kushina, weakened by childbirth and the battle against the mystery Uchiha, was in no condition to re-capture and hold the beast.

Minato, cursing himself a dozen times over for his own weakness, was forced to seal the fox inside the only potential hosts they had on hand Minato had help, in the form of the Third Hokage. The old man and his successor together were enough to perform the technique without killing themselves in the process. Instead, she swore that Naruto and Miso would have a better life than any other Jinchuuriki might be doomed to.

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Kushina made every effort, giving up a chance at special jounin, just to devote her attention to her children. Naruto grew up a rambunctious, kind-hearted young boy, whose drive to become a ninja was clear even from a young age…not to mention a penchant for annoying pranks.

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His sister was loud and even more wild than her brother, but had a soft spot for cute things. Until the age of thirteen, she carried it everywhere.

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But of course, Naruto soon came of the age where he grew interested in the opposite sex. He began to develop a fascination with the female form, how their bodies grew plush and curvy and pleasant, even or especially kunoichi.

After all, he had just been promoted to Chuunin, having gone through the Exam.

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The last fool that had attempted to strike Naruto suffered two broken arms, three broken ribs, a broken jaw and a fractured spine. Tsunade had dressed herself in various skimpy outfits and offered her buxom body to the young Uzumaki scion. Tsunade-sensei, am I doing this right…? Her protest died on her lips. Her poor cunny was stretched full to bursting by the mighty shota-cock relentlessly stretching her womb.

Enormous, hairless balls beat a tattoo against the underside of her thick thighs as they smacked into her, practically sloshing with underaged seed.

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The boy panted and groaned with exertion, his voice high and filled with elation at being able to perform this viscerally pleasurable activity. The blonde older woman was no blushing virgin herself; her title as the Legendary Sucker was earned for two reasons.

One, she was a hilariously bad gambler, to the point that her winning a bet in any way was seen as a bad omen. Jiraiya bitterly cursed being left out of that arrangement, but never when he thought she was in earshot.

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Their first night, Tsunade had demonstrated a fraction of her incomparable skill with her mouth; lightly, but firmly fastening her plump, pillowy lips against the swelling head that peeked from his foreskin, sucking with the force of a vacuum as she stroked off his long, veiny shaft. This proved to be a slight miscalculation on her part.

To her astonishment, the resulting orgasm was a veritable flood of young, virile jizz that flowed down her throat like a powerful river of soupy goo.

Last man standing(a naruto fanfic)(18+)

Only one person cracked a joke that she looked pregnant Her next lesson for Naruto had involved her other famous specialty: her tremendous, mountainous breasts and the lovely things she could do with them. The combination of her silky skin, full, ripe, cushiony jugs and that oh-so-naughty kiss sent the poor boy reeling, his inexperience leaving him unable to do more than hump the underside of her soft rack, moaning mindlessly.

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The Senju slug princess had pretended not to notice the wolf whistles and catcalls, and had only twisted the arm of one guy that got a little too fresh. The lube Naruto fucks tsunade fanfiction out to be a bit of a double-edged sword due to his enthusiasm, as his hips clapping against her expansive ass stung it a cherry red after a while. He spent around upon hours lying across her curved back, letting her massive ass cushion his crotch; the small boy got right down to it, reaming out the older woman like possessed.

Their sessions continued for months, and with each fucking, Tsunade found herself growing more youthful, more of her old power and energy returning to her body in great leaps and bounds. Everyone had noticed the formerly grumpy alcoholic striding through the village in increasingly more daring outfits. At present, her favorite getup consisted of a pair of green, tiny hotpants that showed off nearly her entire booty, each cheek rippling and spilling over the tops of her thighs, coupled with a halter top emphasizing her jutting GG-cups and toned belly.

The ensemble was just above the standards of decency, covering enough that no one could legally complain, not that anyone would dare. What they covered served only to tease the viewer, to tempt them with what they could see but never touch. Everyone but Naruto, that is.

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The hung little boy took great pleasure in sitting in her lap, cuddling with her in a manner that an ignorant bystander might consider a young nephew and his favorite aunt. The black-haired young woman had voiced her questionjust why did she spend so much time with this young boy in particular?

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Shizune had gotten her answer the day after Naruto had completed the Chuunin Exams and learned the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu. Tsunade had invited Shizune in for a demonstration Naruto outsized every man Shizune had ever seen in person, and she was certain he was even larger than some farm animals! It sprouted from his crotch like an obscene serpent, plump head obscured by a roll of foreskin, completely and utterly hairless.

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It slapped his thighs heavily when soft and speared up and out when erect, oozing and spouting with thick, musky, oily precum. A pair of orange-sized cum-cans dangled underneath, stretching the bag of skin containing them taut and audibly churning and gurgling with fresh, fertile sperm. Tsunade had provided running commentary and advice on the best way to stretch her out most pleasurably.

Shizune had been left on the bed, belly swollen as though she were pregnant with septuplets, her body liberally spattered from head to toe with boy-jizz The only reason neither of them was actually impregnated was because the busty blonde had used a simple, easily-reversible medical jutsu on Naruto to prevent such a thing. The lessons continued even on the long journey back to the village, the buxom Sannin spiralling deeper, teaching the impressionable young lad far dirtier things than his godfather would have. Would Kushina throw the greatest tantrum in her life?

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Would she attack Tsunade? Would she be jealous? The village gates were in sight. Tsunade broke off her train of thought as Naruto bounded inside, and quietly, she smiled. At least he was happy. CH Naruto sped into the village, grinning. Finally, he was home!

He was back! All his friends were alive, and best of all Tsunade could help save Lee! Oh yeah, and heal Kakashi-sensei and Sasuke. But more importantly Lee! He did hope his team was doing okay. The blond shuddered to think what life might be like without his mom, or even without Miso, obnoxious as she was. Hm…I should go visit them-ttebayo, he considered, shrugging, Mikoto-obachan is always nice with Kaa-chan. His face heated up a little as he thought about the mature beauty.

Naruto fucks tsunade

Maybe Satsuki-chan needs some comforting…it can be awful scary when your twin is in trouble, dattebayo. He changed direction, heading towards the house where the remaining Uchiha had moved. The young blond had spotted his two targets walking down the street. Back from your mission, are you?

She wore a light blue blouse, only partially buttoned up to showcase her large, firm, matronly tits, along with a pair of white short-shorts that showed off her long, thick legs and wide hips. A delicate necklace hung from slender throat, the chain dipping down to vanish into a canyon of MILF cleavage. Despite the initially demure atmosphere one would normally associate with Uchiha Mikoto, it took only a few seconds of properly looking to see that this woman was, in fact, horny as hell.

Who could blame her, with the loss of her husband and no one around being man enough to take what she was offering? Where her brother disdained social activity and held himself aloof, Satsuki was close and intimate.

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Most importantly, while Sasuke held next-to-no interest in the opposite sex, his sister was among the naughtiest girls in their age-group. She would flirt with anyone she could, seeming to take great delight in pursuing older men with her jailbait body, and had amassed quite the collection of sex-toys, with the support of her mother.

A tight, tiny white tank-top clung to her torso, baring most of her flat tummy and conforming alluringly to the shallow mounds that adorned her budding chest.