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So this video is really taboo and really intimate. But I share so much of myself with you guys already, might as well share this too. Being in the club brings with it a lot of challenges. One of them is using the bathroom. Come and take a quick bathroom break with me and I'll show you how it's done! I haven't been that size in a long time! I wasn't planning on filming this, but after I pulled the first two Ms fat booty ssbbw out of the box, I knew I had to try this stuff on for my fans!

A couple things worked, a couple didn't, and one will never see the light of day because I destroyed it while taking it off. If I don't cut back on my snacking, pretty soon the only thing that will fit me is a bed sheet! Ever wondered what it's like to have sex with me?

The fatter I get the more challenges I face, and sex is no exception. There are certain positions that work, others that don't. me as I show you all the ways I have sex and everything I need to do to make sex work. I also have some quotes from a former fling to share. He had lots of good things to say and was more than ok with me sharing them! Let's talk about sex baby! So it's been about 2 years since I've given you guys an updated doctor's visit video!

I just went to the doctor's last month and just knew I had to share the details with you. Of course there was the usual stuff that happens when a super fat person goes to the doctors. But then my doctor said something that was so hot! That you'll have to watch to find out! Can't wait to see what she says at my next appointment! Trying out my breast pump while wearing a nursing bra got me feeling some kinda way. I was just so turned on, I had to get my vibrator and make myself cum.

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Nothing beats a mouth hungrily sucking on your nipples, but when there's no such mouth to be found, this breast pump really got the job done. It felt incredible having my nipples pumped while I had my vibrator on my clit. I was in heaven and had a couple of amazing orgasms.

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Now I can't stop thinking about getting a second pump or maybe even upgrading to an electric one. One day these hucow dreams will come true!

Guess who's back!!!! I'm fatter than ever and I'm here with a new fetish of mine: lactation!!! There's just something so hot and feminine about having big huge heavy breasts full of milk and needing release that can only be achieved by sucking and sucking and sucking. Well I don't have any milk in these udders, but I do have a breast pump and wanted to try it out to see how it felt. Let's just say it felt goooood, real gooood!

Come and have an udderly good time with me! It's been a few years and many many pounds since the last installment of my Buns of Jelly series, and boy has a lot changed! Obviously I am a lot fatter and not surprisingly a lot more out of shape!

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Even the most basic of movements can be a challenge for someone of my size. I attempted to do a couple of sit ups and push ups, some stretching, and jumping jacks.

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Needless to say, I didn't do a very good job! All I could manage was a bunch of struggling and jiggling and getting out of breath! Oh well, time to relax as I've done my workout for the year. I've been watching a lot of My Lb Life lately and I've been imagining what it would be like if I was on the show. Would they portray me as a sad fatty without any self control? Or would they show me as I really am?

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Someone who loves being super sized and loves her mega fat body! There are definitely a lot of similarities between me and some of the people on the show, but there are a lot of differences too!

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And once I started thinking about what it would be like being on the show, I started to think about what my life would really be like if I was lbs! A girl can dream! I recently stayed at a beautiful hotel with a cute little balcony. Of course my first thought was "oh my god I have to masturbate out there!

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I squeezed my ass into a sorta tight chair, pulled my massive titties out and turned on my vibrator! I tried to keep as quiet as I could so I didn't disturb the neighbors or get the attention of the people hanging out in the courtyard down below. Though I think I would have cum instantly if I knew someone was watching me! It was so hot being out there in the open, with my vibrator wedged in between my huge fat thighs while I rubbed and pinched and pulled on my sensitive nipples.

Normally I take a while to cum, but something about being out in the open like that was driving me wild! I can't wait for my next opportunity to cum in the great outdoors. I got the dreaded "Talk" the other day at the doctor's office. I've had a chat here or there before never the full blow "Talk"! It was something else!

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I hated every moment of it and all I could think about during it was what I was get in the drive through before I got to work! Check out all the juicy details and exactly what I am going to do about them! PS I got Wendy's right after my appointment! After giving my purple dildo they are becoming a regular in my videos a titty fuck and a blow job I decided it was my turn for some pleasure! While I can't fuck myself with my dildo, I can of course get off using my sleek purple vibrator!

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And that's exactly what I did. I wanted my hands to be able to roam all over my big fat soft body, so I tucked my vibrator between my fat lips and let my hands do as they pleased as I sat there grinding my clit on my vibrator.

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When I finally came it was one of those earth shattering orgasms that ripples through your whole body After I gave my big purple dildo a titty fuck, I had an uncontrollable urge to give it a blow job now! I couldn't wait to feel that big purple cock in my mouth.

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I had to see if I would be able to deep throat it or not. I had so much fun giving my dildo a blow job. It ended up being a very messy and sloppy blow job, which is my favorite kind! I love the feeling of gagging and spitting on a big cock and there is a lot of that in this video!

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If only this was a real cock! I would have loved to make it cum all over my face and big fat tits! It's been a long time since I've had a greasy, fattening fast food stuffing. Where I can just sit back and let all my fat hang out while I stuff my face with burgers and fries that are only going to make me fatter and fatter.