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Mrs marvel vs wonder woman, I'd like Mrs marvel vs wonder woman woman that loves transvetite

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Mrs Marvel Vs Wonder Woman

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Superman and Captain Marvel are easily some of the most powerful and respected heroes in each of their universes. For years, both characters have been putting forth their best efforts to make the world a better place in some way, which makes it easy to see why both are so popular. However, though both characters are great heroes, the nature of their powers also makes them some of the more unstoppable characters in their respective universes. Because of this, it is interesting to think about how one would fare against the other. With several factors in mind for each of them, here are our thoughts on Superman vs Captain Marvel, and who would win in a fight.

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Multiple votes are allowed. are only viewable after voting. ed: May 8, Messages: 1, Likes Received: Dagger Dias likes this. ed: Mar 26, Messages: 13, Likes Received: 3, Even though this is long since decided, I figure I'll give my two cents worth.

Who will win?

Wonder Woman is essentially the measuring stick for all female comic book superheroes, or at least in the United States. Even though it's been well over 70 years since her debut and despite all the various changes, reboots, retcons that she's gone through, she's still pretty much THE female superhero in minds of most comic book fans. Doesn't necessarily mean she's the most popular or most interesting but she's long since crossed that threshold from being another impossibly attractive superhuman in the world of comic books to pop culture icon.

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In terms of overall fame, she's not remotely in the same league as Wonder Woman. Prior to about 10 years or so again, probably what I associated most with Ms. Marvel is that the X-Men character Rogue permanently absorbed her superhuman powers, putting her into a coma like state.

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In terms of powers or abilities, both are pretty similar in what they have, namely that their various physical attributes of strength, speed, stamina, agility, reflexes and resistance to injury are increased to superhuman levels. Both of them can fly, both of them have extensive combat training and experience.

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As to who has the advantage physically, Wonder Woman would seem to have a most definite strength advantage seeing as how her strength is often said to be comparable to that of the likes of Superman, Martian Manhunter or Captain Marvel, the DC character rather than the various Marvel characters who have adopted the name. In terms of speed, agility, reflexes, stamina, etc. I'd say they're probably on roughly similar levels.

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I'd probably give Ms. Marvel the advantage in durability as Wonder Woman, unless I'm mistaken, has never really been known for being as physically tough as she is strong. I'd probably put Wonder Woman on a similar physical durability level as Spider-Man: she's pretty resistant to energy based, blunt force like being punched, kicked, falling from big heights, etc. Marvel, on the other hand, is pretty resistant to physical injury as a whole ranging from blunt force, temperature extremes, energy attacks, bullets, etc.

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Marvel will get in some pretty good shots. Given Wonder Woman's not so extreme level of durability, Marvel will probably ring her bell a few times but that's about it. Once Wonder Woman really cuts loose and lets her have it with just about everything she's got, I don't see Marvel lasting too long.


If Wonder Woman was a flat out brawler with no real skill and still possessed her same level of physical resistance, Marvel would have a better chance of being able to come out on top as she could use her superior skills to make things a bit more even. However, Wonder Woman isn't an unskilled brawler and is also a skilled tactician, so that coupled with her far superior strength and her unbreakable lasso give her too much of an edge for Ms. SSJPhenom likes this.

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