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Mini kilt for men, Scot girl picking friend especially for Mini kilt for men

Custom: 9 to 13 Weeks. By purchasing this product, you are supporting skilled Celtic artisans. Your choice honors the heritage you embrace and preserves it for future generations.

Mini Kilt For Men

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Feel free to give us your hip measurement usually right around your rear-end in the "order notes" and we can take that into consideration when building your kilt. Select an option Small Medium Large X Large. All Sport Kilts are pleatedbut you can give your kilt that custom fitted shape with a leaner profile by having us sew down the pleats. The first inches of pleats measured from the waistband are sewn down along the knife edge of the pleat vertically. This provides a more refined look and makes for easier care and pressing.

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black floozy Elina

Last Jump to : 1 to 10 of Thread: Mini-kilt suitability. Mini-kilt suitability Not sure quite where to put this, so I'll ask it here. I've become involved in a conversation with some non-kilted friends who had the occasion of seeing me kilted for the first time the other day. No respecters of traditions, some of the ladies are trying to tease me about how short my kilt wasn't it was normal length, thank-you-for-asking.

Their question basically comes down to would a guy wear a mini-kilt? Now I know that the general sentiment here is that kilts Have A Correct Length, so perhaps what I'm suggesting is still somehow a bit too radical.


Although, discussions on Men In Skirts forums often explore appropriate length, I do recall. Would you buy a mini-kilt? No, top of the knee is the shortest I would wear a kilt. In short, a mini kilt would be an entirely different forum. Martin S. As it happens, I bought a kilt off e-bay which turned out to be much shorter than I imagined.

dirty gal Nayeli

Great quality but too short. I felt I could wear it only in the house at first, but little by little, I have gotten accustomed to the freedom round the knees, as well as my own appearance in a mirror, and I now feel quite comfortable wearing the kilt out.

Classic mini kilt, tartan

I would not wear it to a Scottish function where it would draw unwelcome attention, but in France where no-one knows any better, what does it matter? I would not wear it in winter either. The kilt is 50 cm long; perhaps not short enough to be called a mini?

A kilt has a correct length and anything else cannot be called a kilt any more than a thong or speedo can be called a pair of shorts. Whether or not a man would wear one is entirely up to him since it is not "men's attire" like a true kilt is. A kilt that is too short like Martin mentions or too long would be classified as improperly tailored or ill-fitting but still a kilt and still men's attire.

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To answer the question "would you buy a mini-kilt? There are 10 kinds of people in the world Those that understand binary, and those that don't. I would not buy a mini kilt for myself, I wear Kiltsnot skirtsa "mini kilt" is just a tartan skirt, so no it's not for me. I do like looking at them though.

talent wife Selena

No I wouldn't buy or wear a mini-kilt. Personally I would consider a mini-kilt rather immodest and out of place for an ageing guy like myself. Even on a younger wearer, I think people's expectations of unbifurcated garments on men is that they should be approximately knee length and pleated.

The ultimate guide to the tartan mini kilt

I occasionally wear my two denim Union Kilts, and my box-pleat camo kilt is strictly speaking a skirt rather than a kilt as it is box-pleated all round rather than having overlapping front aprons. These always pass muster as recognisably male kilts.

naughty latina Aila

I am often told by people that my denim or camo kilts are cool and they ask where they can buy them. Yet, there was a guy came into the office yesterday wearing a brown and white patterned knee-length unpleated flared skirt, and even though I was wearing my black kilt I thought he looked rather out of place with hairy legs and what was obviously a skirt deed for a lady.

I've seen fellows in mini-kilts a few times, but other than as fancy dress for a fun run, they just don't look right to me.

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Yes, for my wife. But she prefers longer skirts, so it's really a moot point.

hot gal Karla

When the smith gets wildly excited, 'tis best to agree with him. Kiltio Ergo Sum. I Kilt, therefore I am. I agree with Martin on kilt length with a small exception. Whereas I never plan to attend any formal affairs in kilt or otherwise, or attend functions where I will accept my degree of "correctness of dress" is up for judgement, I feel free to chose to wear that in which I feel comfortable.

Cheap sexy mini kilt deals

Gordon The hippy in a kilt. WOULD a guy wear a mini-kilt? Yes, as there are pictures here of men in them. In short, they tend to look bad, odd, and imply negative things about his "manhood.

married females Jasmine

Would I wear one? Wouldn't work right anyways. I personally LOVE mini-kilts! I just wouldn't wear one.

Wrap around leather mini kilt for men and womenmade to measure

It don't mean a thing, if you aint got that swing!! Last Jump to :.

tight personals Salem

Similar Thre Mini-kilt for the wife. If I were to write out directions, who would make a mini-kilt?

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The O'Neille mini kilt or Scotswoman on a horse! By Red Lioness in forum Show us your pics. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

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