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Through wars, presidential administrations, and even a manufactured breakup, the famous candy duo has seen it all in 75 years together. Here are a few facts about the early days, their public split, and whether or not Mike and Ike were real people. Sam Born, a Russian immigrant who made a fortune by inventing a machine that inserted sticks into lollipops, started the Just Born candy company in

Mike And Ike Gay

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When my friend Doug Stephensretail futurist par excellence with a great new book outtold me about this, I almost thought that it was satire of the marketing profession. The candy brand has been around since the s, but has been relatively quiet the past few years.

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It appears so. The company has reinforced this original take on candy with images deed to remind your of the impending personal strife facing the two male characters who have never been seen in public. Evidently, Ike is taking the whole thing rather hard and erasing any trace of Mike.

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You know how it is when a romance goes bad. But wait!

Why mike & ike’s gay divorce is part of the future of branding

Facebook update! They are getting back together! Or something! Then, as time went on, they moved on to showing how the product reinforced whatever identity the customer already had or aspired to have.


The future of branding seems to be about intriguing people with a story that captivates them — even if it really does not have a thing to do with the product or service sold. What we see today has no connection to that logic whatsoever.

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No, the bad gay romance thing is just kind of funny. In fact, this kind of phenomenon is revolutionary.

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What matters here is not the product or the consumer, but the brand itself. The customer is potentially drawn to the product because the people behind the brand seem to be plugged into the zeitgeist. What does this have to do with candies? Branding is really old hat these days — the new generation has been marketed to death since they were in diapers.

Hearing about new products and what they mean to our identities is really old and busted.

Tony perkins concerned mike and ike divorce is ‘sexualizing candy’

Is your brand able to connect itself to the larger cultural evolutions in the world? It seems to be driving sales. Is the future of branding in surreal stories? Once upon a time, people actually sold products by describing their benefits. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by .