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The third Metal Gear Solid V main mission is definitely shorter than the first one and is located in a much smaller area.

Mgsv Episode 3

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Because he posed a huge threat to the Mujahideen forces in Afghanistan, the West hired Diamond Dogs to eliminate him. After bypassing the security detail and getting into his office, he proceeded to neutralize him. He was also assumed to have been responsible for the extermination of the Hamid fighters at Da Smasei Lamanalthough it was later revealed that the XOF 's Parasite Unit was actually responsible for the attack. Although the commander obeyed every order without question, he refused to kill civilians under any circumstances, giving the pragmatic reason of killing civilians would actually worsen the conflict needlessly.

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So, I know this might be dumb of me. I got into MGS recently and kinda blasted through all the games, and I spent most of my time on the game.

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I was reading some Reddit posts about chapter 3, the Disarmament ending and chapter 51, but didn't get any clear explanation. Could anyone explain it or guide me to a good video about it?

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All I saw were some concept arts on the Wiki which just blew my mind. After years of following anything MGS related and obsessing on this sub - my understanding is about the same as yours. They do all kinds of theory videos about MGSV.

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Thanks dude. I always found the MGS lore so intriguing and spend countless nights browsing wikis and such, and the feeling of incompletion kinda bummed me down.

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The rumor of the IP being bought by Microsoft kinda gave me hope, but then I remembered it was Microsoft, so I just hope in a couple years we'll be able to get a new Kojima-seal-of-approval MGS game, though only time and constraints will tell. Chapter 3 is mostly just an unused title card that was blown out of proportion.

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Mgsv tpp is not finished sadly. They just copied missions and called it finished. The mission 51 is a unreleased mission and it only has a rough show of how it looks Mgsv episode 3 yt. For those who say that metal gear solid V isnt finished i disagree, it is finished but not at everyone would like, the game feels like pretty much like peace walker, i think that a key event for the game is when liquid and psycho mantis stole the sahelantrophus, thats for me the begining for the sons of big boss, thats why you cant retrieve any more the mecha, for me its more like Kojima saying this game its only for those who played more than once all the metal gear games.

The cut scene was only found because people datamined the Pc game. That caused everyone to assume they knew what would come from hitting zero nukes and then never really bothered completing it.

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Chapter 3 is unlocked by getting to zero nukes. Not one Consol or PC has achieved this in a legitimate way.

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TPP was made to be updated on the fly. Chapter 3 is a data update into the game. Not one person has beat in the game because not one person has hit zero nukes in a legitimate way.

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Peeler confirmed the existence of chapter 3 and that zero nukes was the way to reach it. After all Nukes are dismantled, outer heaven is the first to Aquire one.

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From there you can probably guess what Chapter 3 is. You can find MSX soldiers hidden inside the camos for the base. And you know what comes next in the timeline.

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People have actually hit 0 nukes legitimately and nothing happened. You're full of shit.

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Found the internet! Posted by 2 years ago.

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Sort by: best. No one knows.

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It could be a deliberately created phantom pain. The only confirmed missing content is Mission No, no it's not finished.

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No you didnt. Post screen caps or a video or gtfo. Continue this thread. So there is no end?

Metal gear solid 5 - a hero's way: commander location, shago village target location

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