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Megaman Maverick Hunter X Cheats

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Tips Back to top Hadoken Fireball. To get the hadoken fire ball in the game you must have all heart tanks, sub tanks, all body parts, and beaten all the bosses not including the sigma bosses Then go to the armored armadillo stage and go through the stage without losing a life and taking a hit. Best way to do that is to fully charge rolling shield and go balistic with the storm tornado.

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There are items to improve your health level there are four of these one in camlillions base one in boomerangs base one in armor armadillos base one in launch octopus base. Bomerange kawanger is fast but clumsy and easily tricked so an easy way to defeat him is with humming torpedoes.

There are body parts scattered through out worlds. There is Head part, chest part, arm parts, and leg parts. You must find them by order, because if you don't you might not be able to get the next peace. Oh, and it really dosen't matter about the head or leg, they can be switched when you look for it, but, make sure that you find the head part, then the leg parts or vise versa, then the arm pasrts, and then the chest part.

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They make the enemies a lot easier to beat. Chill Penguin only has four attacks.

Mega man maverick hunter x cheats

He dives at you, shoots ice shards at you, makes 2 ice penguins which freezes you if you are close enoughand he creates a blizzard. He will occasionally jump at you so watch out for that. His weakness is fire if you are using megaman and for vile it is any of the fire attacks for the leg part. Jump on the wall whenever he attacks. If he uses his ice shards just wait for it to stop and jump down and quickly shoot him then jump back onto the wall. If he jumps onto the ring in the middle of the room just shoot him off.

Mega man maverick hunter x cheats

If he dives for you just jump or go on the wall then when he turns around, shoot. If he creates 2 ice sculptures of penguins, just wait because he will jump on the ring when he is done or he will shoot shards before he does.

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Just repeat until he is dead. To get a buster better than the one that is given tou you by Light, go to the stage where you fight Vile for the last time, Sigma Palace 3 without getting the buster parts.

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Beat Vile and talk to Zero. He'll give you his parts.

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The charge shot is the one that he fires, and can also hurt Final Sigma. It also kills Vile in the first level with just two shots. We have no cheats or codes for Megaman Maverick Hunter X yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

We have no unlockables for Megaman Maverick Hunter X yet. We have no easter eggs for Megaman Maverick Hunter X yet.

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We have no glitches for Megaman Maverick Hunter X yet. Created by: helm Read the full guide SinceCheatCodes. To find all the latest cheats, guides, hints and tips, visit CheatCodes. Megaman Maverick Hunter X. Easter eggs.

Cheats and tips for mega man maverick hunter x

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