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Manga with lots of sex, I seeking woman Manga with lots of sex wants emotions

The Smut manga genre is well-loved and famous for having plots that feature wide-ranging explicit content from tender and passionate moments to more hardcore issues like infidelity, sexual penetration, and abuse. Our best smut manga listicle is here to help.

Manga With Lots Of Sex

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By: Shiranee. Smut is a genre that usually involves a plot with lots of mature content ranging from romantic moments to the more serious issues of sexual abuse, penetration, and infidelity.

What is my age: I am 33
Ethnicity: Czech
What is my sex: Woman
My body features: I'm chubby
What is my favourite music: Pop

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I'm looking for one-shots or doujins that have the best confession scenes. The feel-good ones, please. Not the depressing ones. These all have a similar concept but the story is a bit different from "If a lie is not told it cannot become yuri". Maybe one of these? My social energy battery has died and I need to recharge. It can be anime or manga and doesn't have to focus on romance elements. I tend to not like stories where two girls are already a romantic couple before the story starts, but please feel free to recommend them if you think they're good.

Hey guys.

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I just recently finished Bloom Into You, pretty late, but I actually followed the story since the very first chapter. I also watched the anime after the manga. It was so good, definitely beat Girlfriends my top one. It kind of left a big hole in my heart. Yet the gap between it and some ongoing good ones has been slowly closing for a few months now.

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Another good one, which I like much more than the first of the entries I've mentioned, is Hana ni Arashithough rather than anything similar to YagaKimi, you should expect it to be more like a very adorable, often comedic yuri story with some drama sprinkled here and there. And then there are two good ongoing adult yuri stories - Teiji ni Agaretara and Crescent Moon and Doughnuts - the latter of which is, in my opinion, the best candidate to overtake YagaKimi one day.

Also, let's not forget Can't Defy the Lonely Girlwhich, despite the blackmail beginning, seems to be moving in a promising direction. All of them can be found on this site. Not going to happen. If novels don't scare you, also Adachi and Shimamura has also two manga adaptations here, but you'll want the novel for the best experience.

I haven't heard of "Hana ni Arashi" yet, maybe I'll try it too, I'm not very fond of the character de though, yes I'm sorry I'm kind of shallow.

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I like the story but, it didn't hit me how the 1st chapter of YagaKimi did. I don't know why. Sometimes I'm afraid no yuri manga will be as great as Yagakimi was to me. About Can't Defy the Lonely Girl.

sluts lady Elisa

I totally love the artstyle, I'm just hoping the story is as good. I caught up to it.

lonely teen Angelina

I'll definitely take a look at Nettaigyo wa Yuki ni Kogareru. Kase-san I already know about it and read it, hehe. I think I'm gonna go for Adachi and Shimamura, I heard there's an anime in production?

fit female Autumn

I also read the 2nd manga adaption, Adachi is pretty relatable. Perpfuwherpiufhertpig it's been a long time but thank you so much sorry for asking for so many things haha.

slut girls Janiyah

Is there any non-lolicon, non-age gap series or oneshot set in grade school apart from Teardrops? I really liked it and I'd like to read something similar but I can't think of anything like that. Post reply. They were both really refreshing!

Private prince

What are the manga with the best sex scenes? What is the manga with the best sex scenes? But thanks anyway! Too much stuff for me to look through atm. Wow Thanks for all the recommendations!

black moms Cecelia

Much thanks in advance! Please no 4-koma. Thank you. Thank you guys for all your recommendations!