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The best version of Faye Valentine cosplay in the galaxy.

Man Faye Cosplay

Online: Yesterday


Surprise, surprise! Men of the World Wide Web have mobilized once again — no, not over the rapidly worsening climate catastrophe, stagnant wages, the broken health care system, or endemic rape culture, but rather, over a real issue: the outfit of a female bounty hunter in the live-action adaptation of beloved anime series "Cowboy Bebop. This male outrage follows a long, ongoing history of pitchfork-wielding men gathering in their town square of choice, be that Twitter or Reddit, and declaring war on any onscreen depiction of a female character that doesn't sexually gratify them. In any case, the fictional bounty hunter stoking outrage this time around is Faye Valentine, portrayed by Daniella Pineda in the forthcoming Netflix remake of the popular sci-fi anime, which also stars walking thirst trap John Cho as protagonist Spike Spiegel and Mustafa Shakir as fellow bounty hunter Jet Black.

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Man Faye got his AX badge revoked, and was not allowed within the convention center. This came as a result of a complaint filed that someone felt he was offensive. Is this right? It has nothing to do with if you like him or not.

I'm not sure. I think the truth gets spun out of control a little bit with all of the Man Faye hype.

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I know that he got his badge revoked, but I'm not sure exactly how that came about. I know some people find him offensive, but technically he DOES have shorts on, so I think the "law" or whatever can't touch him.

I still object to the ass and junk. I saw him there on Monday, too.

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Alkaren Hyralt. From my understanding, the complaint was filled with people from the Princess House nt deal. But that is only what I have heard, and that caused his badge to be revoked. I complained about someone walking around with a huge swastika on her arm, and was ignored.

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I find Man-Faye much, much less offensive. That dude kicks ass If there was an award for "Train Wreck Cosplayer" he would get it. Majin Buu. I think I saw Man Faye earlier today.

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I find the image of him disturbing, but I can't say anything about the dude's personality. I heard that he was a decent man. As for man-faye, rumors do get spun.

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But this is from what I recall, is what happened. First, he got cited for "indecent exposure" from the police. He left, but came back later with a jacket on and posed for people that asked. Then he tried selling t-shirts yellow shirts that said "I smacked May Faye's ass".

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He was cited for that as well because he was not allowed to sell things openly without a valid permit. He then ended up just giving the rest away.

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Funny thing was that they were 15, and 10 if you actually smacked his ass. But anyway, I do not know about the badge situation, but I do know that he was taken away at least twice. The swastika deal. It is a touchy subject, since there might be a minor possibilty that it is the Buddhist relgious swastika and not the symbol for Nazism. But whatever the case, if you ever have problems with offensively dressed attendees, do try to state your case to both ACC and ConOps.

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You have to take into consideration that many staffers just do not know what to do in certain situations. If a staffer was rude to you, take down their name and department and address the issue at ConOps.

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Although in this case you just talked to a staffer that didn't know what to do. Usually it's the case that they only know how to do their specific job, and they don't know about much else. If it bothers you, keep on addressing the issue but make sure it's the right dept, complaining about programming doesn't do anything with a security staffer as you go "up the chain of command," but ultimately ConOps is for these types of situations.

I was a bit lengthy, but I thought i'd like to add some information that might be useful. The staffers [security] told me that Anaheim Police called him on "indecent exposure" and did talk to him.

The men of genre fandoms don't want their scantily clad female characters messed with – so what else is new?

In fact, I wouldn't blame the Christians or the Princess House people for calling to arrest him. The police thought was some kind of crazy nut.

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Although I was not there, I do know that cons have policies on appropriate costumes and such, and they ususually say they reserve the right to have people change, or if they don't, the con can revoke the pass. While I think Man-Faye is funny and daring, I would not be surprised if he did have his pass taken away for perhaps any behavior that I have heard of him performing, or for him not keeping his costume properly in control.

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Swastika on a costume To be quite honest, if I had to pick what I had to look at, I'd rather see someone cosplaying as a character who might be a Nazi, than someone dressed skankily no matter what the gender. Man faye is easily my hero if for no other reason for what he has the I heard what happend was that on Sat I was in a friends room and a staffer's manager told me that he had a meeting with him and he basically flipped out and started crying.

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They also said that this was now in custody of the Anaheim Police and it is up to their discreation. That is basically everything I know about so I don't know if it was true or not but that is what I heard. I think there's far too many rumours to sort through.

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I heard several that included him doing nothing wrong, him exposing himself, mooning someone It's far too hard to discern the truth as to what happened. Close sidebar. Register In. In. Man Faye: What happened? This thread is archived.