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Don Draper may be mired in a seemingly permanent existential crisis, but over the past five seasons, fans have still managed to find the humor in Mad Men. Here, watch 12 of the best Mad Men parodies on the web, and come back to TheWeek. Split the difference with this Sesame Street sketch, which follows a Muppet Don Draper as he and his team cycle through an "emotional rollercoaster" ofchanging them from Mad Men to Sad Men to Happy Men.

Mad Men Bloopers

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The Suitcase - S4 - E7. Factual error : At the beginning of the episode, the male employees are all discussing James Bond. It is mentioned that 'James Bond goes underwater, he met a girl underwater'. This refers to the plot of the movie 'Thunderball' it does not occur in the Thunderball novel, nor any novel or film prior to this. New Business - S7 - E9.

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The series which was set in the s ran for seven seasons, ending in Despite Mad Men reaching its conclusion, its popularity has remained intact over the years. Mad men bloopers series mostly revolves around advertising executive Don Draper and the people in both his professional and personal lives. The show won a whopping 16 Emmys throughout its run. But despite being close to perfect, it had several continuity errors. Here are some of them. In the tenth episode of Season 2, Betty is on the sofa, watching cartoons with Glen.

She is drinking Coca-Cola too and there's a red straw on it. Product placement? Gotta get the money. But there's just one big problem with the whole drinking and relaxing scene. When Carla arrives home with the children, Betty stands up to have a conversation with them. At this point, the straw is nowhere to be seen. When the conversation ends, the straw miraculously reappears again.

However, it disappears once again when Betty goes to the kitchen and grabs the phone. In the ninth episode of Season 7, celebrity photographer Pima Ryan can be seen directing the professional models on set as she is standing behind her camera. In a split second, the camera angle changes and the viewfinder which was aligned with her waist changes from a totally upright position to a flattened one. Ryan couldn't have changed it so quickly because her hands were busy directing the models.

Ryan Mimi Rogers was a very confident, observant and flirty character.

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Anyone who noticed the change in the viewfinder must have expected her to ask who did it. But no one did it. It was simply a continuity error. In the thirteenth episode of Season 3, Sterling Cooper's office manager Joan Holloway is seen talking to Don just as she is about to leave the office. At first, the corner of the scarf is tucked in her coat collar.

Shortly after, without the camera cutting away from her, it appears outside her angle. But then it goes back inside. Joan was always a decently dressed employee and the scarf's positioning is such a little detail that no one in the production team might have noticed. They can be easily forgiven for this error if it was the only one. But there's more. Much more. In Season 4, Episode 6, Roger keeps up with his romantic gestures and buys a mink coat for Joan.

There was never a doubt that Roger really loved Joan. And he always had the most memorable one-liners. I know my mother had a chinchilla; I was always on the verge of a romantic relationship with it. Originally, the mink coat appeared to be brown but when Joan finally opens the box, the mink coat's color Mad men bloopers changed to black.

In the seventh episode of Season 3, Sterling Cooper's Creative Director Don Draper is summoned to Bert Cooper's office to discuss Hilton's presence in the office earlier in the day as well as the importance of Don having a contract.

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The contract which has a blue cover is seen on the table. The contract remains on the table as Lane and Roger continue to discuss it.

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However, when it's time to the contract, Lane pulls it from his jacket. How did it get there?

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This is just as fascinating as the fact that Don stole his name from a dead Korean soldier back when he was in the military. His real name was Richard Whitman. The men are as active and as crazy for no reason. They tell a waitress to come around every five minutes even if there is no reason to come around. They also try hitting on some of the women. However, in one interesting Mad men bloopers, a stripper can be seen taking off her glove. However, when the camera covers a wide angle of her just a half a second later, the glove is back on. How did it happen? No need to lose sleep over this.

Just another continuity error. Horses meant a lot to Betty Draper. She usually turned to them as an outlet to free herself from her unfulfilling life. In the third episode of the second season, she has a riding lesson but then an error comes along.

Within a few seconds, the chin strap on her riding helmet disappears, before reappearing and then disappearing.

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All this happens through a couple of consecutive shots. Obviously, the wind can make a chin strap disappear. So, this happens to be just another instance where something minor wasn't noticed during the film editing process.

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Later on, it was revealed that Betty was intentionally riding against the doctor's orders so that she could trigger a miscarriage. Following Henry's advice, Betty Draper began seeing the psychologist, Dr. Edna Keener. Betty was always experimenting with outfits and during one of their sessions in Episode 5 of the third season, she is seen wearing a twin string of pearls. However, between different camera angles, the pearls keep changing. One second, they are all lying together, the next second, they are apart and shortly after, they move underneath her dress.

All by themselves? Highly unlikely. It's possible that the pearls were adjusted several times during filming. No one was just keen enough to check their location. In the pilot, Don Draper is gleefully lighting a cigarette.

Don draper may be as stoic as ever. but plenty of fans have found the humor in mad men

His left hand is clearly close by. However, a microsecond later the hand appears to be down again and he is shown raising it once again. In the movie, Dr. Strangelove, a nuclear arms expert has a condition that makes him unable to control his arm. It thus keeps on making nazi salutes. Of course, Don Draper doesn't have that condition but given the continuity error here, its almost as if his hand is warning him not to smoke. In Season 4, Episode 9, Sally trips and tumbles after running down the hallway of the office.

Megan happens to be there and she hugs her. Sally's right arms settle above Megan's shoulder. However, when the camera angles change, Sally's hands are seen under Megan's arms. She's now holding on to Megan's back without ever being seen moving her hands.

The hands then go above the shoulders once again before going back under. The hug is never broken, so the fact that the hands change locations.

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