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Lucy abernathy fallout 4, Hostess baby search male for Lucy abernathy fallout 4

Early on in Fallout 4 you can come across a family at Abernathy Farm.

Lucy Abernathy Fallout 4

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Abernathy farm

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You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Not a bug Traders Unresponsive. Thread starter bluntfinesse Start date Mar 2, Tags bug traders. Prev 1 2.

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First Prev 2 of 2 Go to. Verified Builder. Support Team. Wiki Contributor. Messages 2, The butcher shop is that by Eldarht?

Lucy abernathy

Do those 2 plots keep on getting changed? Messages 0. The butcher shop is the one by Eldarth in the base set, yeah, but that's not one of the ones that's been getting changed. Only stuff in my Sanctuary has been changing, but everything is otherwise fine there, I guess?

The Caps General or whatever it's called and the Bar None I have set up at Abernathy's aren't working properly in that the owners aren't responding to prompts properly, as traders or settlers, though I just made a new store to test it out the work wear store, which I believe is also vanilla and that one seems to be working fine? And then at Red Rocket I have the butcher shop, which seems to be working properly except that when I ask to trade with the owner the only thing he has for sale are the two hats in his regular settler inventory.

Lucy abernathy | fallout wiki | fandom

I rebuilt the plot and it didn't seem to help either :c. I think that butcher plot is broken. Sounds like the triangle of death has gotten hold of u can u replicate it in other settlements?

eye-candy milf Wren

Honestly no. Also, I visited Red Rocket again to check out the Butcher shop, and literally every Settler was unased from everything in the settlement, including stuff that wasn't SS plots! It was apparently fine up until I actually traveled to the Settlement, but once I got there a Lucy abernathy fallout 4 attack happened and after fighting it off I realized everyone was unased. I don't think the attack had anything to do with it, since I've had somewhat similar issues happening with unasments that only happen once I enter a settlement's cell, but this was on a much bigger scale than I've ever seen before.

I actually had a good time reasing everyone and reassessing the whole settlement, but it was bloody strange. What is the triangle of death tho? O hehe sorry. I think its possible it is just corrupt cells,if its only happening in those settlements.

Messages I have seen the original settler issue as posted in all 4 of my vanilla plays one for each faction. I started using UFO4P, it has decreased it or at least they leave their ased vendor stalls so you know their not on duty, as opposed to just standing there going "yea", "Huh".

There are posting on various forms related to this issue with some work arounds and theories as to why get can get this issue in the vanilla game. UFO4P does seem to fix the level 4 vendors i. Smiling Larry, etc I have not seen that issue at all with those guys. You can still get the empty inventory list for Deidre at the slog though from time to time.

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I'm still working on finding a workaround at the moment, currently trying not to touch any settlements for a of in-game days and seeing if that does anything. Sorry did not mean to waste your time. Didn't waste my time at all!

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I appreciate you tried to give me a solution so thoroughly, even if I already thought of it. Relicym New Member.

Mods of the month

Messages 8. I sometimes have this trader problem with the 2x2 external plots after refreshing all local plots. I used the Town Meeting Gavel to get the settlers to gather around and it fixed the problem. Do you mean the 2x2 plots turning into other plots for no reason?

eye-candy single Amari

Cuz that's only one aspect of the problems I've been having and that at least seems to have fixed itself. The only thing that hasn't fixed itself so far seems to be the issue with the traders not working, and I'm thinking that's just Abernathy's zone having a stroke at this point.

No, I've never had plots changing into something else for no reason.

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Not using real time building. Not using leaders. Not using city plans. And not using any other major settlement mods. Doesn't seem to do this to doctors. I've had this happen at Taffington, Nordhagen, and Croup Manor. Once, at Longfellow's Cabin, a bartender and a farmer did the same thing so I couldn't trade gear or barter.


The Town Meeting Gavel straightened it out for me. Maybe give it a try, if you haven't already? A few of mine that were from the base SS mod just randomly changed into other buildings when I did something uituit told me to do. They were all level 3 and fully finished, but they just bugged out and I guess the game tried to fix it by just turning them into something else?

Was a pain but they're fine now.

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I don't think I'm using real-time building, and I know I'm not using any leaders right now or city plans or other settlement mods besides SS add-ons. Your second issue is the one I've been having, but it It's still being wonky, and only at Abernathy.

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I've used the Gavel before and it didn't seem to do anything for it, and besides it makes things really wonky and tears seemingly random settlers from their jobs or living quarters so I have to as them again. Not really hype on trying it out again :S. I haven't bothered with residential plots at all. I don't think it's necessary to use it for anything else. Your settlers should not be unased by the gavel unless you chose the option to reas your settlers. Perhaps your SS didn't update properly?

How about switching settlers to work as a trader? I had ased Lucy Abernathy as a general trader at one time, but she kept leaving to tend the melons and also had the trader problem.

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Switching to an unnamed settler still had the trader problem, but the gavel fixed that. The gavel didn't work on Lucy. Change the location of the commercial plot?