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Wearing your tight little skirts and no panties.

Little Pussies Tumblr

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I 21F got back from a small gathering at a friends house. I was too taken aback to say anything. Over the next minute or so I slowly felt his erection grow, very eagerly poking my ass. Probably his desperation and the risky setting we were in. After a few minutes, the other guy at the table went inside to get more drinks, and as soon as he was out of earshot I asked J if he knew what cockwarming is.

Years old: 26
What is my ethnicity: English
My hair: White
Languages: Russian
What I like to drink: Ale

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Is that OK? Gonna repeat this. Women love anal. Women want anal. Do not care.

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About the mess. During anal. They care about how their partner will react to the mess.

If it happens well, okay. What did you expect. If you're chill.

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Clean up. Move on. There will be no issues and she will fuck you even harder for it. Same with periods, and blood. They deal with this shit, literally, every month, for weeks - they couldn't give two fucks.

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They care about how their partner reacts. Reassure her its no big deal, because it really isn't. Believe me when I say this insecurity is keeping them and you from enjoying things as much as you could. So cure it.

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And watch how much more relaxed she is. How much freeer she cums.

Good talk. Posts Ask me anything Submit a post Archive. I need this! Use me.

Take me with no regard for my pleasure or comfort. Degrade me and take away any dignity i may have had. Pregnancy risk is my problem, not Yours. Unleash Your anger and frustrations on me.

Transform me into Your dream girl. Relax as i take care of all domestic needs.

Bratty princess

Make me feel pain in exchange for Your pleasure. Show me my real place in this world. Claim me as Your own.

Change my life forever by impregnating me. Make my tits leak milk like a dirty cow. Condition me to always be ready for Your cock.

Physically correct me when i have misbehavedā€¦or when You feel like it. Demand i serve Your every need. Give my life a purpose.

Tight little pussy tumblr

All fuck meat and slaves adhere to these guidelines. This is a good mantra slave should say every day multiple times a day. A great girl attitude.

My law. All I can think about is how much I love the feeling of his cock in my ass.

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I want him to plug me between rounds and keep all his sweet, sticky seed in there. Then push it back out. One of my best posts got taken down also thx for followers. Question: what do good girls and good dogs have in common? Answer: basically everything.