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In Mission: Impossible 2 topped the box office, Gladiator triumphed at the Oscars, and the first X-Men movie ushered in a new era of superhero movies.

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When you think of modern day scream queens—no, not the ones in that Ryan Murphy show —you gotta think of Katharine Isabelle.

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This is a woman who has been in a few of the most fearless female-driven horror films of the last decade Ginger Snaps and American Mary! Can you elaborate? And we had such an amazing crew.

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I mean, I joke that they were about 15, but they were about twentysomething. So they were really young, really enthusiastic, really wanting to be there. I got go around shooting guns and working with the amazing Christopher Lloyd and [writer and actor Tim Doiron] and April [Mullen]. It was just so much fun.

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We had a wrap party where our gun guy let us blast a couple of blank rounds into the sky! No one felt like it was work. It was just a big party with guns! TMS: How do you balance staying within your token genre, horror, and doing different stuff like this?

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I seek out to work. As a working Canadian actor, I kinda want to work. But I was more than excited to do 88 because it was such a strong, character-driven script with, well, two characters technically. TMS : You kinda do get to play two characters here, though, one who is this badass woman, Flamingo. And then you get to play Gwen who is more…. TMS: Which was more of a challenge to play?

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Or was it more of a challenge to go back and forth between both? Isabelle : Oh, just the worst.

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Isabelle : Definitely. I was so excited to see it.

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I think they did an amazing job and April really inspired the crew, inspired me. I mean, I was so impressed with the script. Isabelle : Occasionally.

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But if I ever had to, I would definitely surround myself with vastly more knowledgeable, more talented people than myself to make me look good. TMS: How important do you think it is to have strong female characters in the genre and strong females directing these characters? Because as a horror fan, I know a lot of women love horror and for a long time, there was this mistreatment of women in the genre and a trend of making them victims first.

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Nowadays, with movies like American Marywe have women just taking over and changing that completely. Isabelle : Yeah. You know, women who had things worked out, who had more integrity, who had more strength of character. And [to have them] supported by women like that as well?

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TMS: Is there a particular role that people come up to you and talk to you most about? Is Ginger? Is it Mary? Because those two characters are very classic, they will never be out of touch with time and reality. Those two characters I was gifted with, and Flamingo as well in 88, they are so much more than what you can usually find available for women.

I mean, Ginger is a timeless character. Even today, I have kids who were not anywhere near born when we shot that who resonate with that character.

Katharine isabelle

And the same with Mary. Isabelle : And in no derogatory way do I mean that. I mean badass motherfuckers!

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That will be starting to air, I think, in June. Isabelle : Currently, yes. Emily Gagne emilygagne is one of the founding members of Cinefilles, a site for wannabe female film and TV critics, as well as an admitted heroine addict. She may not have super strength, or be able to make a stake on command, but she can slay you with her rhetorical devices, endless knowledge of Final Girls, and passion for geek girl scoop. Have a tip we should know?

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Isabelle : Oh, definitely. And then you get to play Gwen who is more… Isabelle : Of a normal person! More normal, anyway. TMS : In general, how was working with April as a director?

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TMS: Do you ever get the itch to try directing yourself? TMS: Timeless bitches! I love that! TMS: I saw you retweet a photo of the cast reading a script.

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