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Justin timberlake fan fiction, I'd like Justin timberlake fan fiction female who like figure

Justin's world had come crashing down, and something beautiful happened. What would happen now that the whole world fell apart?

Justin Timberlake Fan Fiction

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I'm going to tell you this in the most delicate way possible. That is simply not healthy.

Age: 31
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Tint of my eyes: I’ve got brilliant hazel green eyes
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They had been on a bus for more than 8 straight hours and finally it was time to check into a hotel for the night. Justin noisily rummaged through the kitchenet on the bus, throwing empty cereal boxes out of the cupboards and making quite a mess. That should give me enough time to get what I need. The neon of a hour Winn Dixie was approaching and the driver took the small detour and pulled into the parking lot. Justin went to the back of the bus to tell the other guys what was happening.

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Anyone else want anything? As Justin walked back up to the front of the bus Lonnie stood up, ready to go with him. It's almost I'm sure there will be hardly anyone there. Lonnie hesitatingly nodded and sat back down. Justin hopped off the bus, stepped through the sliding doors of the store and made a beeline for the breakfast aisle. Ashley was extremely bored, waiting at the register.

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It was late night on a weekend and her shift was over in a couple minutes. No one was in the store and she hadn't had a customer in over an hour. She picked up the latest Teen People from the magazine rack next to her which pictured Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears on the cover. Justin wandered down the cereal aisle looking at all the colorful choices. He grabbed random boxes and threw them into his cart. He nearly ate a whole box every morning and the bus was completely cleaned out, so he had to stock up for at least another few days. After collecting around 10 different kinds he wandered down the other empty aisles to pick up the stuff for the other guys, along with a gallon of milk, and then headed for the register.

Matters of the heart

There was only one open. And it was a girl. She was flipping through a magazine.

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A magazine with HIM on the cover. Justin looked into his cart and saw the Playboy he had picked up for Joey.

Timberlake stories

He began to unload his cart onto the conveyor belt. Ashley set the magazine aside and began scanning box after box of cereal. She had never seen someone buy so much cereal in her entire life She looked up at the young man who was making the odd purchase and he smiled.

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Her hand froze over the scanner. She knew that smile. And that tacky trucker hat. After a few moments she regained hr composure and tried to keep calm as she continued his check out. She held up a box of Lucky Charms.

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Or Cap'n Crunch. Actually I guess I'm just a cereal guy all the way around. Ashley laughed. My name's Ashley. She was talking to Justin.

I found my voice as a writer in justin timberlake fan fiction

Justin Timberlake was right in front of her! I'm Justin," Justin looked out the window. The bus wasn't back yet.

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It hadn't taken him as long to shop as he thought. He smirked as he handed over the money for the groceries. Ashley looked at her watch. It was Her shift was over. I'm just finished now.

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Ashley lead and Justin walked a few steps behind. He noticed how her hair swayed when she walked and how sexily her hips moved. Meanwhile, Ashley was freaking out.

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I'm dreaming. I have to be dreaming. This is not real. They made their way back to the front of the store and sat on a bench in front of the large glass paneling so Justin could see when his ride pulled up. He pulled his Lucky Charms and milk out of the bags and poured them each a bowl. Justin took his bowl and spoon and began pushing the dry pieces of cereal under the milk until they were all covered.

He was suprised to look up and see Ashley doing the same thing. She saw him looking at her strangely. Justin nodded in agreement.

Justintimberlake stories

Then they both ate silently until all that was left was the sugared milk. Ashley didn't want to embarass herself in front of him by slurping it up, even though she knew that was the best part. Then Justin suprised her by doing that exact thing, so she followed along. They both set their bowls down at the same time and Ashley began to giggle. His lips were soft and smooth. Then they caught each others' glance and their eyes locked for the first time. Justin felt himself being dragged into her deep pools of chocolate brown and Ashley felt the same way as she stared into his dazzling blues.

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The bus was here. He grabbed his cereal and milk and put them in the bag. He stood up and Ashley followed. Ashley could only nod. Justin bent down and placed a small kiss on her cheek, smiled, picked up his bags and went back out the sliding glass doors of the store. She was speechless as he boarded the bus, turning only once to wave goodbye.

She waved back as the bus slowly pulled out of the parking lot. She put her hand up to her cheek where Justin had just kissed her moments before.

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Her cheeks were hot and she could tell her face was bright red. It wasn't a dream after all. He was real. And she was sure she would never be able to eat cereal any morning hereafter without thinking of this night again.