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There are now two small theaters or "viewing rooms" which play non-stop straight. Pay your entrance fee, go down the hall past the conversation booths, turn right at first hall, then left. Entrance is marked.

Jolar San Diego

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Specialties Purely sexy shopping! Sexual toys and marital aids, sensual enhancements, dvds, magazines, Theater, peeps, and an erotic adventure like no other!

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Originally operated downtown and known as Jolar Cinemathe small building near 63rd and University features an adult boutique in the front and a back room lined with video "peep show" booths and private dancer rooms.

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From the early '80s until a few years ago, a small stage at the back of the building featured live dancers who could only be seen by dropping money into peep show machines that would open a small viewing window for a moment. Tiny booths lining that stage, and later lining the outer walls, featured the same dancers doing private one-on-one shows, separated from customers by a glass partition. The stage was eventually eliminated in favor of a movie screen, but the women in booths have been a staple at Jolar since its inception in the late 70s.

The same chain runs similar stores on Barnett Avenue and Convoy, and has been operating everything from massage parlors to X-rated drive-in theaters and strip clubs across the country for decades.

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All three San Diego stores have long been linked to the nationwide porn chain run by Harry Mohney, who the Meese Commission report on pornography cited as one of the leading adult merchants in the U. Convoy is going to be flooded with girls! Part of a peep show chain operated under the company name Ellwest, Jolar was the company's only San Diego store with live dancer booths from the late 70s through the late 90s, when a second store with booths opened on Barnett.

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That was followed a few years later by a Convoy shop which, like Barnett, was geared toward couples, offering lingerie and marital aids, without the company's focus on live dancers though they were on premises many evenings. Get Involved.

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Find a story. San Diego Beer Tin Fork.

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College Area. Jolar circawhen the still headlined Live Exotic Dancers. Harry Mohney went from one porn drive-in theater to a chain of U. Here's something you might be interested in.

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Next Article Original 40 brews up something special with a local favorite Cosimo Sorrentino is back on his home turf. Subscribe and stay in touch Curated stories, fun places to hang out and top events. Jolar shutters nude dancer booths at College Grove "Convoy is going to be flooded with girls" Author.

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Best of SD.