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From the small screens to the large, Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam is no stranger to sex scenes. Hunnam has shed his clothes on more than one occasion over the course of his career, but that does not mean he enjoys showing off his sculpted abs.

Jax Teller Butt

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In memorial, here is a collection of Jax's butt, played by Charlie Hunnam's actual butt, in various emotional moments. I assure you, it's a tour de force.

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With the Mayhem vote nearing, Jax sets his grand plan in motion. Jax Teller is dead. Does that make it a predictable ending? Some commenters on our instant react certainly think so. Think back to what Nero told Wendy during that ride early in the season: How he trusts that if you tell the truth, whatever is supposed to happen will. He also owed it to his allies Tyler and Alvarez to keep their deal in place: Having the Mayans distribute for rogue Connor achieved that.

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Shooting Rourke, just as he had Galen? Well, that was Jax finally severing the ties with the Irish—something JT had always wanted. He got loyal T. Some viewers will argue that while Jax may have succeeded in honoring his father, he failed when it came to his boys. He left them with well-provided-for Wendy and Nero.

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We, however, get one final look at his killer abs. He puts all his notep in his backpack, checks that his gun is loaded, and dons his cut. He goes to the storage unit and looks through old photos: like mother, like son.

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He burns the notep and manuscript, and even some photos. Is he remembering what Jury said, that JT had worried what would happen if the manuscript got in the wrong hands? It could destroy the club and his family. Jax next he to Red Woody, where the guys and T.

Lyla has turned Fat Ass into a franchise, which makes Jax happy. He kisses her on the head and tells her he loves her.

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She says she loves him, too, and seems to guess something is brewing. The club will arrive at the location early to talk to Tyler and make sure the Niners are moving in on the Chinese blocks that their latest massacre secured. He does share the news about the forum okaying SAMCRO striking down that unwritten bylaw about no blacks being allowed in the club.

They vote in T. As the guys mount their bikes to go hide out in wait of Connor, Connor arrives early and fires at them.

Sons of anarchy series finale recap: 'papa's goods'

But you need something high energy here, and perhaps using a song with a strong Elvis connection is a nod to Bobby. Jax lays down his bike.

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Nero goes to T-M looking for Unser. You can discuss that symbolism in the comments.

15 sexy photos of charlie hunnam that prove he’s a god among mortals

Only he can put a softness in his stare and sigh like this. That he should just head to the farm because this is all too complicated? Jax and Chibs get some quality time on the Red Woody roof. This episode may have been the best ever for Tommy Flanagan. Jax tells Chibs he needs to trust that what he wants is the best thing for him, his family, and for the club.

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And then Jax reveals what he told the forum and that their recommendation was a Mayhem vote. Chibs holds it together, but I, for one, lost it. Jax insists he hear him out. We cut to the Irish bringing Hugh in downstairs. When Tig goes upstairs to tell Jax the Irish have arrived, Chibby is still shell-shocked. Doing the shit that hurts the most. For a moment, they sit side-by-side. Does Jax want Chibs to convince the others to vote for Mayhem?

To agree to kill him when the time comes? Why would Connor buy it?

Inside hunnam’s ‘sons of anarchy’ days

Hugh will send Connor photos for proof. She and Jarry share their updates: Juice is dead, they need to put out an APB on Gemma, and oh, right, Jax has called to schedule a meeting with Patterson for that afternoon.

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He has access to as many AKs as he wants and about half the Glocks. Rourke and two of his men arrive. Naturally, he wants to know where Declan, one of the men who was watching Hugh, is. Tig and Alvarez handle his escorts. Charlie Hunnam does that wonderful thing where his voice gets slightly higher when Jax talks like a son.

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He does it here, smiling. He did something that would make his father proud. Jax meets Nero at T-M, and Nero is surprisingly calm. Only that scratching of his forearm gives him away. He wants her to sell them and take the money to set herself and the boys up—in Norco with Nero, on the East Coast with her family, wherever she wants.

They should use the profits to buy Scoops cheap from Hale since Chinese grenades lower property value. He apologizes to him. The lies caught up to all of us, man. I tried to hide from it. Make it legit, run away from it. This is who I am. Nero wants to break down but pulls it together.

Charlie hunnam dishes on sex scenes

Nero would do anything for the boys. We know that. Chucky interrupts to tell them Wendy and the kids are there. I need my sons to grow up hating the thought of me. Nero has to put on sunglasses to hide his tears. He tells Abel to be good for mommy and that he can call Wendy that.

He wants him to have fun and enjoy all the animals. He kisses Thomas, who starts to cry. He tells him he loves him and hands him back to Wendy.

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Then he hugs Abel again, and they exchange I love yous. I love you. We need to know this is really what Jax wants, that seeing his boys leave Charming brings him peace. Chucky will be okay? He moves in. Tig wants to cry. I will. Beautiful moment for those two.

She says he can thank her by finally telling her everything.


Which we all did at home. He tells her about Gemma killing Tara and Juice killing Eli, and that they both admitted it. Patterson fearfully asks where Gemma is now. When Patterson asks about Lin and all the other bodies that dropped, Jax tells her to turn off the recorder. She does. What happens when the street finds out the truth? He assures her everyone who could be impacted has either been informed or moved on—by the end of the day, the violence will be over in Stockton.

Why the end of the day? Tears again. At the table, Chibs tells the guys they cannot allow their hearts to be louder than their reason. A composed Tig and a soft-spoken Happy agree. The camera pans back across the Reaper table. Barosky is in an apron behind the counter.

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