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Hitman 3 on Xbox Series X runs in native 4K at 60 fps, wiith only occasional slight fps drops. The PlayStation 5 version also runs in 60fps, but at a lower p resolution. The worst-performing game is Xbox Series S unsurprisingly - Hitman 3 runs in p to maintain 60 fps.

Jade Empire 60fps

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This is a List of Xbox One X enhanced games. These improvements can include the following:.

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I just bought Jade Empire in the Steam holiday sale. I'm not sure if it's just my old system or if something is wrong with the game. I doubt it's your hardware. Nothing at all like what you described, though it was on the retail non-steam version, and on WinXP.

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Sorry I've no further insight than that Yeah, there's no way in hell your system is too weak for the game. Have you tried setting the game's affinity to a single core? I find that solves a lot of problems with old games on multicore machines. I found another bug. At any resolution below x, the mouse cursor is invisible. I tried that but it didn't help.

I guess I have no chance of running Mass Effect on my system. Like playing PC games. There's really no way to take personal responsibility for what does or doesn't work on a given system.

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Sometimes it's just not to be. Isn't a SLI on a card? Can you disable one GPU? Try an older forceware driver? Your trolling isn't helping anything. Did you try compatibility modes?

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Jade Empire is running poorly because the old game doesn't play nicely with modern hardware. Mass Effect won't run at super high details, but you should be able to run it at x and Medium details without too much of a problem. Don't worry about the mouse because those have software which upgrades itself so you never need to buy another unless you dump soda pop on it like me. I LOL'ed.

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Does this happen to any other games? Under Vista, the "power saver" plan limits the maximum CPU speed.


Try setting it to "balanced" or "high performance" to see if it makes a difference. That's good. I figured since it was the same company but a newer engine it would be even slower. Only Jade Empire. It's on "high performance. Jade Empire isn't an "old" game. It's modern and runs just fine. The problem isn't your hardware or the game. Yes, exactly. Jade Empire was originally released in That's pretty old in Computer Gaming terms.

The normal retail version worked just fine on my Vista64 machine. Nothing special and less capable than avenger's. I'm guessing there is something going on with the Steam version or NVidia's bit drivers. The hell it is. That's four years after XP was released. Games deed for Win98 are "pretty old. The game and his hardware work fine together. That isn't speculation, it's fact, and the large chunk of GESC with virtually identical hardware can attest to that.

It's beyond me why people keep making thre about inconsistant issues on some but not all, as driver compatibility clearly comes into play Vista and Win systems like this is all some kind of weird unsolved mystery. Wierd, I tried it out Jade empire 60fps Win7 64 at x and it worked perfectly.

The text can be a little stretched but it's actually a pretty fun game. Besides that, the PC version of Jade Empire was released in with updated resolutions and redrawn textures. Hardware isn't the issue. Everything described points at video drivers. The Windows port was released almost two years after XP x It's inexcusable for it not to support 64 bit operating systems. How could anyone think Jade Empire is a modern game? Steam works fine with it, and it saves a lot of headache.

There's also the possibility it's having issues with SpeedStep or dual cores.

Df: xbox fps boost analysis: 60fps/fps back compat on xbox series x|s tested!

At least that's the trouble I have with getting UT99 to run on my laptop. Also, as Shrubber said, it could be the video card drivers. I had a similar problem as you when I tried to play Jade empire 60fps Nights on my W7 bit installation. Updated my drivers, and now it works beautifully. If the newest stable release doesn't work, you could also try the latest beta drivers, I've had some success with those before in OS migrations. I just did that and it fixed it. I'm surprised nVidia would put a fix for a three year old game in a beta driver release I don't have problems running the game, but the graphics are choppy as hell.

Compatibility mode isn't working game won't load at all, then ; Setting core affinities doesn't really help. The config utility doesn't work, at all, period, end of story. That game was short.

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It ought to have been titled Jade Empire: Episode One. Bullshit, I ran it just fine in Vista64 without a problem. I didn't get blown up in Fallujah. More people should obviously go for scenic drives there. Wow, did you really equate running a game on a particular OS to spending time in a war zone? It's an analogy, not a comparison; he is equating the logic of doing X to the logic of doing Y. Run the InstalledCodec.

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EXE app that is readily available across the net and try different disabling of strange Audio and Video Codecs. For me ArcSofts Bluray video codecs active caused some problems with certain games, and some Audio-codecs have wrecked havoc in the past too It may sound strange, but sometimes a game demands certain things from particularly audio-codecs that your default does not agree with.

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And the gameplay gets all chopped up Another option for dealing with possible audio related problems is to just choose a different audio engine in the options if it exists. Some people on the BioWare forums reported problems similar to the OP's disappearing after switching to Miles Fast 2D Positional Audio in Neverwinter Nights, so that may work in other games that also allow using different audio engines.

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The problem isn't the OS directly. The problem is the shit driver compatibility with bit OS'es. Some games work for some people, sure. But look through every single "wah, my game is doing weird shit, whatever could it beee?! If you've gotten this far without issue, good for you, but when a game does go screwy and it willI'll be enjoying it without issue on a bit OS and say "Told ya so.

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So I reported earlier in the thread that I had trouble with this game on a system with plenty of hardware and Windows 7 bit. I upgraded to the latest nVidia drivers today, and the framerate is just fine. It was a slideshow before. That's legitimate enough for me.

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That is complete bullshit. Every fucking word of it. If you were using XP? Yeah, then you'd have driver issues. Alright genius, than you explain why the hell so many of these modern games are failing miserably on Vista and especially on Win, and why, in many of the situations, upgrading to new drivers with improved bit support is usually the fix when there is a fix. Drivers deed for a bit architecture almost never run on bit systems. Sadly, many of the people running bit are clueless enough to also be running at least some old drivers they installed off a CD.