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Is Kali Muscle Gay

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One look at him, you would know why they call him Kali Muscle. Born Chuck Kirkendall, this bodybuilder-turned-actor diverted what would have been the darkest period in his life into a career. Kali credits bodybuilding for saving him from wallowing in the wrong path which he had ventured into after the tragic death of his brother. He was so devastated at the time that the vicissitudes of life saw him trying his hands on criminal activities. Eventually, the long arm of law caught up with him and he ended up in jail for armed robbery. While in jail, Kali made the most of his seven years in San Quentin prison by training daily.

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Born Chuck Kirkendall, the bodybuilder who became an actor turned the darkest period of his life into a career.

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Kali Muscle attributed to bodybuilding that it saved him from taking the wrong path he had taken after the tragic death of his brother. At that time he was so devastated that he tried criminal activities in the vicissitudes of life.

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Finally, the long arm of the law caught up with him and he ended up in prison for armed robbery. During his time in prison, Kali made the most of his seven years in San Quentin Prison by training daily.

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Apparently, he found fulfillment in that and did not let anything stop his progress. Even when the prison guards came and took away the weights he was using, Kali Muscle found a way around this and continued training in his cell without the equipment. Through his consistent training and bodybuilding, he was able to escape the gang life and his past that would have destroyed him. Currently, Kali Muscle has not only made a name for himself as a bodybuilder and actor with a rock-hard body but also embarks on a mission to reach young people by using his prison sentence and his hard-learned lesson about the dangers of violence and crime as an example of why they should not continue on this path.

He also has a book called From Xcon to Icon, published inand uses his online videos to get the message across. Despite his very muscular body, which can be scary at first glance, Kali Muscle seems like a man with a good mission.

Kali muscle

about his biography below, how it all began, and how he managed to turn his lemons into lemonade. Kali Muscle is originally from Oakland, California, and was born on February 18,as one of three children of his parents. Although not many details about his family are known, we can confirm that he came from a poor background and was raised by his mother and stepfather, as his biological father was not in the picture.

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Nonetheless, his background did not prevent him from being active in sports and doing excellent work. He was good at athletics and wrestling, and also received a soccer scholarship to Fresno State University.

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Above all, he trained in the gym to build his body. Everything seemed to be fine until one of his brothers died in a self-inflicted gunshot when they were young. This shook the life Kali was leading at the time and caused him to take a wrong turn in life. He got involved in criminal activities and ended up in prison where he served for seven years, but according to him, bodybuilding was his knight in shining armor that pulled him out of the ruins in which he had buried himself.

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Now he uses his motivational YouTube channel to teach his fans how to keep fit without equipment. He has also appeared on television in commercials for Taco Bell, Geico, Snickers, Comcast, Honda, and many other brands.

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Kali Muscle is also an actor; he starred in the movie Wonder Woman and the following year he starred in Applebaum. He is also popular for showing off his physical prowess in a music video for Jamey Johnson and is set to win the title of Mr. California in As a professional bodybuilder looking to make a difference, Kali Muscle has a lot to offer. Their marriage lasted six years before Kali discovered that she had stolen his money.

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Thus, the couple separated and their divorce was finalized in Admittedly, Kali is not gay because he was married to a woman and did not come out as a homosexual. We would not dare to expect anything lean in terms of body statistics from this professional bodybuilder. He has a height of cm and an astonishing weight of kg.

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Not bad for a man of his profession. Image source. Who Is Anthony Mason? Who Is Meg Turney? Trending Now. Who Is Dominique Easley?

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