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Is 6 inch girth big, I am hunt for female who Is 6 inch girth big hangouts

You could call it a gentlemanly thing to do. And in a world where dicks are nearly always measured, discussed, mocked and boasted about in s describing length, not width, what if your particular truncheon is hefty across, and not down?

Is 6 Inch Girth Big

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Shorty mac is 8 inches. My gfs ex is 7. You are talking about length. I am asking about girth. The distance around the penis.

How old am I: 19
Ethnic: Senegalese
Iris color: Cold gray-blue eyes
Body type: My body type is quite slender
I have piercing: None

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So i don't have a lot of experience with girls but how exactly big is 6 inch girth to a girl. Like is it hard to get oral from most girls?.

What are the best sex positions for a 6-inch penis?

It's huge yes. That's 6.

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Most females can't take it at first unless they apply themselves to figure out a way to do it over time. And it's a problem for condoms too. I just did the dollar thing and I just looked and didn't think it seemed too terribly big.

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Then again, I've always thought I had a small dick until I realized my ex accidentally used teeth every time and I couldn't fit all the way in due to her cervix. You will have issues, although the reactions you receive will boost your confidence. I've been with only one girl that could take my girth in her mouth.

No teeth, and could swollow the whole thing. I miss her sometimes.

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Some useful reference photos for comparing girthswhich may help. From the comments of a similar thread. Found an image gallery someone did showing girth to a woman's hand. I found that the Batiste dry shampoo spray bottle is about 7 inches from base to where the cap attaches, and slightly less than 6 inches in girth.

Example 1.

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Example 2. Buy a regular size banana and don't peel it. It should look pretty thick. Well that's about A 6" girth penis is bigger. Well I measured my basement wooden handrail and it was mm 5. It sounds like I've got at least a decade on you, so I'll offer my take:.

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Its all I've known, so I don't think of myself as huge, but I've definitely gotten comments that I'm thick so that probably means something. If she goes much past the tip, its a mouthful, and that can lead to her jaw hurting or gagging or trouble breathing.

Is a 6-inch penis big?

Plenty of girls will lick the tip and bob on it like thats doing something, but taking it all in will be take some effort and maybe coaching. I will say, there isn't much hotter than looking down and seeing her mouth stretched out trying to fit you in!

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Overall, I think girth is a great gift to have, so I'd say consider yourself lucky. I'm around that girth I've hardly ever gotten a good BJ, and I haven't found a girl that was ok with trying anal.

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The girth does give my girls more pleasure than my length does. I love it when I give them a quick thrust when they aren't ready and they go. I just found this fun post about 6" girth on the women reddit, thought you might like her prespective:. How do you fill that fucker with blood?

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You have a meat sausage down there that wants your blood in it and it is as thick as my wrist and possibly more than half as long as my forearm if you're long too? Half if you're average. How are you not passed out face-first on the tile floor every time the fucker decides to poke its head up? Human anatomy is crazy. Found the internet! How big is 6 inch girth?

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Posted by 7" x 6" midshaft. Sort by: best. It's insane girth. Teeth almost guaranteed. Huge girth. Continue this thread.

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Example 1 Example 2. TIL I would be a great dick sucker if I were into that.

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