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The Adventure Guides program provides fathers and their children the opportunity to spend valuable time together. As part of a larger group, both father and child create unforgettable memories playing games, spending the weekend at an overnight camp, family adventures, and much more.

Indian Princess Dfw

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Growing up, I never had a brown vest covered in iron-on badges, nor did I ever sell a single box of cookies. Instead, I was given a red, blue, and gold embroidered fabric headband and a feather.

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That headband and feather made me an "Indian Princess," a modern day program for children with an Edwardian sensibility and a Village People aesthetic. Louis, the Indian Guides program was inspired by an Obijwe man named Joe Friday whom Keltner occasionally traveled with on fishing and hunting expeditions.

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The YMCA tells the story that Keltner was inspired to create the Indian Guides program for white fathers and sons by the stories he'd heard of the strong father-son relationships within the Obijwe tribe. While white children were often raised by others, Keltner said he learned from Friday that Obijwe fathers took the time to teach their sons basic life and survival skills like hunting, tracking, fishing, and "walking softly and silently in the forest.

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There is no hyperbole in that statement. We, several white girls and myself, sat "Indian style" on those basement floors, and referred to our group as a tribe.

Bcf program guide - dfw indian princess

A war bonnet-clad group leader was our "chief," and the minor argument over which girl would get to call themselves Tiger Lily as their "Indian name" is one of the few details I actually remember about the whole thing. Unlike the Girl Scouts, where approaches activities with the intent of learning something new and to foster budding interests "What is she passionate about?

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The YMCA asked their groups to stop using the "how-how" greeting at the beginning of every meeting, and to stop calling the money in their treasuries "wampum. Indian Guides: a program for children with an Edwardian sensibility and a Village People aesthetic. In other words, if the " Chincoteague Nation " out of Maryland wants to continue calling themselves such, they can do so without facing any repercussions or having to disassociate from their local DC Metropolitan Area YMCA.

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The "Nation" recently posted a series of guidelines on how to portray American Indigenous cultures "accurately and positively," and finished with this note: "Throughout the history of this program, Native American fathers and their children have participated in this program. However, there are some Native American tribes and groups that believe this program denigrates their culture and their people. We maintain that we honor the Native American tribes. The front of the website features a group photo with wearing a small feathered headdress.

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Outrage against Native cultural appropriation enters the collective pop culture groupthink in waves; usually popping up around the start of baseball and football season, or when Hollywood has made a particularly egregious casting choice, or in the rare moments when a movement like NoDAPL manages to break through to the general public. Racism against Indigenous people is an American tradition, baked into our everyday culture in overt and subtle ways — omnipresent in a way that the majority of citizens are never forced to question or confront it.

Programs like the Adventure Guides perpetuate this cultural bias and are the groundwork for seeing an entire group of people as a mascot — a thing to rally around for our own entertainment.

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While I may not have been the Girl Scouts' biggest fan as a kid, it turns out those non-Xena watching Brownie girls had the right idea all along. At the time of publication, the YMCA had not responded to s or calls for comment.

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Change Makers. Type keyword s to search.

Dfw indian princess

By Kendra James. An Indian Guides meeting from Getty Images.

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D and daughters making lifelong memories

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