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I peed my diaper, I pick men that I peed my diaper flirtbook

We just returned from a lovely vacation visiting my family in southern Oregon.

I Peed My Diaper

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Years: I am 40
I like: Gentleman
Sex: I am fem
Hair: I have got bushy silvery hair
What is my body features: I'm quite fat
What I like to listen: Classical
What is my hobbies: Swimming
I like piercing: I like my tragus piercing

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It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Have you ever forgot your not wearing a diaper and wet yourself?

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Thread starter JennaWets Start date Apr 6, JennaWets Contributor. Hi, so I'm new here and fairly new to wearing diapers. I've done it a few times randomly over the years but nothing consistent. I had purchased a 12 pack of rearz princess and worn them fairly consistently over the past 2 weeks and really enjoyed them. Enough so that I just ordered a pack of 40 pride and plan to keep at it. Well this morning while drinking my morning coffee I almost let go and wet myself not thinking i wasn't diapered.

I guess I had been focusing so hard on wetting myself it feels odd to not. Has anyone else experienced this? Ever have an actual accident? SomewhatLittle Est. Hi, I'm new too. I actually bought my first diapers a couple of weeks ago.

Crinklz, specifically. I only wear to sleep sometimes but I'm very scared of getting used to it and wetting the bed when I'm not wearing, especially since I'm prone to incontinence and I used to wet the bed when I was a. Hippiediaperlover Est. Messages 47 Role Diaper Lover Incontinent. I don't know if I'd say it's an actual accident because I registered that I needed to go. But I wear MOST of the time and have been for the better part of 6 months so at this stage on the game accidents happen.

This happened in bed twice and on the couch once.

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I may or may not been enjoying a little devils lettuce so forgetting does happen. Messages 31 Role Diaper Lover. I wear diapers on occasion at night and sleep very comfortably when I do because I didn't not need to get up to go to the bathroom. It's happened a few times on rare occasions where I was not wearing yet, I woke up out of a deep sleep feeling myself peeing freely in my underwear in bed. I guess, despite the fact that I only wear on occasion, my subconscious still anchors to the feelings no of relaxed stated and freedom I experience when diapered. Either way, it's a good, comforting feeling but I prefer not to pee my bed.

While I have wet myself when I wasn't wearing, it was always on purpose.

I have had times after wearing for several days at a time where I was used to wearing and found it inconvenient to have to find a toilet though. Pika Est. Messages Role Diaper Lover. I did once and worse of all I was reading in bed in a hotel.

But, thankfully never have. I have the thought every once in awhile though and get slightly nervous it may happen. Hopefully not!

I peed in a baby’s diaper

Flobaby Est. Messages 56 Role Diaper Lover. The first time that I wore a diaper to bed for a week straight I would wake up either early in the morning or first thing and of course nature calls. I would just lay in bed and purposely wet my diaper. I think I ran out of diapers and it was like I was dreaming, kinda like youre half awake. Anyhow I dreamt that I was wetting my diaper and then something snapped where I woke up from the dream and sure enough I had wet myself without any diaper on. That actually made me a little nervous because I wasn't looking to pee the bed.

I think I went another three months before I slept with a diaper just to make sure I didnt become a bedwetter. Flobaby said:. Click to expand Messages Age Messages 1, Role Diaper Lover Incontinent.

passionate whore Aya

Have woke up many a time to find I wet my bed when not diapered for the night. Have had a few wetting accidents during the day when not diapered. However I do not get upset or worry about these wetting as when I started wearing diapers daily when I was 19 it was my goal to actually need to wear diapers and now when I have a wetting accident it is just a reminder that I should be diapered at all times.

How i ended up this way, and how i've dealt with itkinda

Yea and in public was with friends watching a film and I leeked. Thankfully I was also sitting on my rain coat so did have to explain wet setting to the cinema. Now it just a balance. If not wearing I go potty as I know if I push it I run the risk of wetting. If in nappies I also have a change on me. It's just part if being a Little I gess. And to reverse the effect is very hard.

So think long and hard if you are thing of doing that. Hope that help.

Wetting stories

Messages 10, Role Diaper Lover. One night I remember just waking up enough to realize I had to pee, and started. Thankfully the sensation was immediately "wrong" and I was able to jump out of bed with only damp underwear. Nowadays, it's almost unheard of for me to not wear a diaper to bed, so it's not going to be an issue ever again. The same goes for when I'm sick - there've been a few time I "just didn't feel like wearing a diaper" and just wanted to sleep it off, and a few times that turned out to be a bad call, so now I'm firmly resolved to always put on a thick diaper before bed when I'm not feeling good.

The last two times I had a stomach bug, it really paid off and now I don't have to deal with anxiety all night long when I'm gassy and am stressing out over whether or not to trust that next fart.

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I can just relax and let go. Maybe I get a and shrug it off, "owell, will deal with that in the morning I guess", and get back to sleep!! Isle Est. Messages Age 75 Role Diaper Lover. There have been times when I might start to let go and then realize I don't have a diaper on.