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Husband spanked in panties, South baby Husband spanked in panties guy for life

John- What a wonderful post and some very enlightening information. I never thought about the power of my Ladie's Panties, but it is so true.

Husband Spanked In Panties

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Even I made him give me all his underwear from his dresser and I would check him every morning before work to be sure he didn't have any on under his jeans. If I catch him, he gets spanked on the backporch with a switch! I whip my hubby's little ass every Friday night at o'clock. No matter what.

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Oh my gosh Miss Julie this story hits so close to home. This is very similar to what Dianne does when I upset her. Haven't had my ear pulled yet but she usually just takes my arm or calls me to an area where she is displeased. If involves house cleaning I'm always put in panties to do cleaning but if it's a mess that I didn't clean up after myself then just as you did David I'm ordered into panties while she gets whatever she's going to spank me with and it's a no nonsense hard spanking or strapping no questions asked by me.

Like you it's just over her lap or bend over. And just like you if I reach back or try to cover up I get it worse. I'll have to admit reading this got me hard cause I love having a strict wife or reading about one like you or Deidre.

The thought is always exciting I just can't say the same for the actual spanking. It hurts like hell!! But us subby hubbies are like little boys and do need to be taught a lesson. I know for me it does correct my behaviour. Bob S. It pleases me that you are so turned on by the thought of being punished for poor housework, and I am very glad your wife does not let you get away with any nonsense, bob. Wow Ms Julie And corner time? And i love Her for this! Thanks for posting! It seems to be a rather common thing, then. And I don't see why not. If a male needs to spend time in the corner, he better be putting a pretty arch in his back.

Love picturing him running around, cleaning fast! He knew I was serious about increasing the belt whipping to whatever he was late by! Good morning, Ms Julie Keep up Husband spanked in panties most excellent work on the blog and your amazingly erotic stories. Yes, that's a nice thick belt. Very appropriate for punishment. If you were naughty in my presence, you can be sure I'd have it off you in a second for a good whipping! Oh such a dream, Ms Julie Squirming here with such thoughts. Goodness sakes Ms Julie Perhaps this boy should be wearing it one of these days soon Julie This is another amazing chapter and one that I just love.

Pantied, otk and brushed is pure heaven, just amazing.

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Then made to clean, hot followed by a severe strapping with his own belt is incredible to say the least. Wow, just so inspiring and hot, ma'am, your husband is an extremely lucky man.

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Finally, as aroused as I got to read after a long 5 minutes in the corner with a blazing bottom, he is honored to be able to service you to orgasm with his mouth, holy crap, just steamy, erotic and well well spanked husband in his panty, I love panty spankings over you knee.

Making him hand you his belt, great move. Always Ron. Punishment is very much about the mind. He really groans when I put him in panties.

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I know he doesn't like that. It genuinely humiliates him. And, oh, do I ever tease him about it! Julie, Checking in from the storm, we finally have power and light. Still one of the most erotic scenes, love it more now.

And yes ma'am, love to hate being put in panties and spanked hard! I am sure you tease him as well, just terrific, thanks.

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Ms Julie, you would have a field day in my place. I live alone, and have a place that admittedly needs cleaning. Five minutes? How about 5 days LOL I shudder to think what my bottom would look like, but I know I would have it clean at last.

Love it Julie! I started belt whipping diaper sissy in a new way last week. I put a single disposable diaper on him and make him drink a gallon of water. He cleans the house from top to bottom and after about 4 hours the diaper is wet all the way up to the top of his ass! The plastic of the diaper becomes very soft after it absorbs all his pee pee. I take him to the basement and suspend him to the ceiling with just his tip toes touching the ground. I gag him because his screams will be loud. I then belt whip his ass over the soaked diaper. After about 50 whips the diaper starts to tear.

By the time I am finshed the diaper is in shreds and his ass is striped! Goddess Gretchen. Excellent post ma'am.

I you didn't let him have an orgasm after licking you to one. Out doesn't sound like he deserved one!

eye-candy teen Blakely

Love this story Julie. Got me very excited and makes me want to give Bob a hard spanking and strapping like David got just for my enjoyment.

pretty female Chaya

Love reading about other wives taking there boys to task. But in fairness to him I'll wait till he messes up which I'm sure will happen sooner rather than later to give him a spanking. As he commented this is very simular to how I handle him when he upsets me though.

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But he is going to give me an orgasm today like you got to take care of my excitement from your story followed by his sensual pegging with his panties pulled down. I promised Deidre I would try orgasm denial for Bob so I want him to get really hard and turned on only to be denied release. And I promise to give him a little extra pegging time for you Julie.

Have a great day!!! Very good Julie. I also got quite wet reading how you punished david for faltering with his chores. I do the same with my boy, although I do believe that regular discipline for no reason other than to remind him of his place along with orgasm denial keeps the male on track. Hi Dianne and Gloria, Fortunately, punishing david turns me on something fierce.

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I almost don't mind the mess! He knows better than that. If I were to get an inkling of that, it would be my strap, not the belt, and a hundred strokes, not 30! That's a big wedgie!

talent wife Jazlyn

Excellent post, Ms.