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How to spit game to a guy, Fatties chica picking boy How to spit game to a guy chatting

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How To Spit Game To A Guy

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Watt went down with a groin injury in the second quarter and was officially ruled out after halftime. Both cornerback Joe Haden and linebacker Devin Bush also had groin injuries -- theirs sustained during Friday's practice -- that kept them out of the loss. In addition, Steelers wide receiver Diontae Johnson suffered a knee injury on the final play of the game, an yard reception from Ben Roethlisbergerand nose tackle Tyson Alualu fractured an ankle in the first quarter, coach Mike Tomlin said, leaving him sidelined for an "extended" time.

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Go to Trader Rating: 0. How to spit game PLease Read Rules. This thread is intended to help those out there that have no game. I know many of you like cars, and computers I hope you can learn something outta this. Now there are rules for this thread however: 1 You can only post questions. No stupid opinions or this thread will be closed. We will awnser every question posted. Give us time however. We are both busy bee's.

I personally believe that you have to sit back and watch your target before engaging in a conversation or any kind of interaction. You have to have a good fast thinking mind and you have to be smoooooth during the approach. I know most of us guys look up and down girls when passing by at least I hope so So take in mind everything about her. Such as Eyes, hair color, dimples etc. You also need to play it smart and use the environment around you aswell. Meaning if your in a music store BUT to get to this step first. You must feel confident and expect the worse.

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Everyone gets shot down. I've been shot down hundred of times cold blooded but that's never stopped me So keep your "A" game on. Try not to ask any questions that use a "yes" or a "no" response only because it shortens the time span with quick awnsers, and she walks away Some people like to use pickup lines. Pickup lines are a broken record, but I know for a fact it catches a bit of laughter deep deep deep down inside her awkward look she gives you Sample Pickup Lines I love to use: "Hey beautiful?

That is your name right?? Because your smoking". Because heaven's a long way from here". Gotta think smart homies. Now once the conversation has begun I cannot help you out from there.

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It's all on your own personality to keep the ball rolling. Always look into her eyes when speaking. Don't look down or around, It's very respectful to stay locked on her. Now I personally use this trick, where I look to the left eye, then to the right eye slowly back and forth while speaking to her.

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Sponsored Links. Rides Gallery: DRavenS Originally Posted by S14Josh. Trader Rating: 9. Find More Posts by ayuaddict.

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Questions only. What Anthony forgot to add was, if you have questions about your skills, personal relationships, love life, blah blah, feel free to ask your questions here. If you're having trouble picking up on girls, and don't know what you're doing, read here, and ask away.

Don't stare

Trader Rating: 4. Find More Posts by Boostin on you. Trader Rating: 3. Originally Posted by Boostin on you. Rides Gallery: SimpleS If you can't look into someone's eyes, at least look at them between the eyes Rides Gallery: i8yourfwd. Questions only?

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Find More Posts by i8yourfwd. Rides Gallery: Dirty Habit. Originally Posted by SimpleS One thing I've been told by a bestfriend of mine was that- riding a motorcycle with a extra small size helmet in the back will give you greater opportunity towards human reproduction.

But eye contact is very important

Originally Posted by HyperTek. Originally Posted by stiizy. Originally Posted by i8yourfwd. Originally Posted by Dirty Habit.


Always eye your landing pad before hand. If its too narrow, eyes might be lost, and its time for you to move on. Anyways, Im back in the game after being with a girl for 4 years and a month away from getting married.

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Alot has changed. I gotta step up my game now.

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This is gonna get interesting. Well Jay. It's very rarely that you'll catch one holding strong. However in your situation Basically you need to "sweep" her. Compliment her on her beauty, Show her new things that she's never experienced etc. Just play your cards right and you'll get her man.

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I'm sure you'll know what to do Lets hope she's one of the dependent on another type chick. Rides Gallery: lucky7. How do I stop girls from being all over me? Can I contribute to this thread also? I got mad game, son. Trader Rating: 1. I have so much game, I had to get married for the world to be a safer place. Find More Posts by exitspeed. Question: where do people go to meet people? Find More Posts by rainier. Originally Posted by exitspeed. Trader Rating: 7. Rides Gallery: swiftdrift.

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Not so much a question, but more of a request. I request to see these bootylicious bodacious bomdiggity beezies the OP's have picked up with this so-called "game". I'd like to "see to believe". Find More Posts by swiftdrift.

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Location: sometimes i feel like everyday is my birthday, let your tops down; california's my birthplace! Trader Rating: Rides Gallery: azndoc. I've got more game than Nintendo. Making a girl laugh is winning half of the battle.

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Sorry to interrupt your thread. But I just wanted to mention that when your talking to a girl you want to talk about happy stuff with her. Ask her questions about her life and just listen but make sure that she's talking about the good memories. Find More Posts by azndoc. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.