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How to pack ftm, Erotik lady How to pack ftm boy for courtship

Last Updated: March 24, Approved. This article was co-authored by Shahpar Mirza. He has had hormone replacement therapy since and underwent a double mastectomy top surgery in April

How To Pack Ftm

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In fact, it is much easier to adjust the size of your bulge with socks so you can decrease your chances of looking like you have an erection. Here are a couple of strategies for packing with socks:. When it comes to packing, my philosophy is to think of it as adding just a little extra padding.

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Packing devices: store-bought Soft Packers: Introduction A. Soft-silicone packers Dual-use packers.

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This can be accomplished through a home-made or store-bought pants stuffer, or through a realistic-looking prosthetic device. Some guys simply refer to their packer or prosthetic as a cock and balls, a dick, etc. The goal of packing differs depending on who is doing it.

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Some trans men pack simply for the sake of creating a realistic-looking bulge in their pants. Others may pack only on certain occasions while swimming, while in the locker room, or wearing tight-fitting pants. Some have realistic prosthetics that are affixed to the skin for wear throughout the day and night. For many trans men, the term "packing" itself is not even an accurate descriptor for the wearing of a prosthetic device-- a prosthetic may be considered an extension of the body rather than merely a pants-stuffer.

For the sake of convenience for the reader, many types of packers as well as prosthetics are included in this section, with the understanding that different individuals may have different uses for and feelings about such devices.

This section covers a range of packers, including home-made devices, pre-made items that can be purchased in stores or over the internet, and professionally-made prosthetic penises, as well as straps and harness devices that can be used to hold a packer in place.

Packing hard To "pack hard" refers to the wearing of a dildo or other prosthetic How to pack ftm that is erect and can be used for sexual penetration. There are times when packing hard might be attempted for example, just before sexual activity is anticipated. However, for general day-to-day packing, it is not recommended that you pack hard, as the look it creates will be unrealistic. Devices that can be used specifically for sexual penetration are described in the Packing Hard section. There are very few products that have been deed for "dual use" i.

A note about male anatomy For those who are packing for the first time, and who may not have a lot of direct experience with men's penises, it can be helpful to do a little research in order to create a realistic look. In order to see what male anatomy tends to look like in underwear, in swim trunks, or jeans or slacks, it can be helpful to look at men's clothing catalogs or internet retailers of menswear or men's underwear-- this way, you can stare as much as you want at guys' crotches without having to worry about offending or upsetting anyone.

In order to get an idea for how the male anatomy looks and sits on the body, you might wish to look at a magazine, web site, or book that shows flaccid penises. The web site www. It shows variation in the size and shape of men's penises, and shows men of varying body types and ages.

The site is not pornographic, is free of charge, and provides useful information on erection curves, penis shape and size, and scientific studies on those topics. Searching the web for "flaccid penis photos" will yield other as well. Just keep in mind while you are looking that the average length for a flaccid penis tends to be just over 3 inches, and that the men you see in most porn sites and movies will tend to be very well-endowed, and will usually be shown while erect.

How to wear a packer

Socks The use of a rolled up sock is an inexpensive way to create a bulge. Be realistic-- don't use your thickest athletic socks rolled up in a big ball! You may wish to use a jock strap to keep the sock s in place, or you may try pinning the sock s to the inside of your underwear so that they don't shift or fall out. You also may want to try tying the sock with a string or strings to help hold its shape, so that it doesn't unfold or unroll in your pants as you move.

A big disadvantage of using socks is that the extra layer of material in your pants can be uncomfortably warm and cause sweating and lingering dampness. Socks also do not feel realistic-- if you are concerned that someone might come in close contact with your crotch, you may wish to use a different method.

Ftm packing

Condoms and hair gel or "gak" This method feels more realistic than the sock method, and is fairly inexpensive. To make this packer, you will need a few unlubricated condoms and some unscented hair gel or "gak. Partially fill a condom with hair gel or gak-- this will be your dick. Leave enough room so that you can tie the condom, and so that the size of the dick is realistic. Tie the condom tightly, place it inside another condom, and tie that one tightly. If you are expecting to be very active, you might want to "triple bag" and add another condom.

If you wish to make balls, you can make two smaller pieces in the same manner, and tie them inside a third condom to mimic a scrotum. You can then carefully tie the whole package together.

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This packer can be worn in a jock strap, or in tight fitting underwear. You may wish to place the packer in the toe of a nylon stocking or in a thin sock a baby sock works wellas unlubricated condoms can pull on your public hair in a way that is uncomfortable. For this type of packer, gak tends to be more realistic in feel than hair gel. The main disadvantage of this packer is that it can be accidentally torn or punctured. It should be replaced every few months, or whenever it shows s of wear. Recipe for gak Items needed: 2 containers 1 measuring cup ml hot water 1 stirring stick 1 large container non-toxic, all-purpose white glue such as "Elmer's" or school glue 1 box borax tap water Directions: Label the containers: one "A" and the other "B.

Stir thoroughly, about 1 minute. Set aside. Measure out ml of hot water and pour into container "B. Set aside for 2 minutes.

Measure out 30 ml of the dissolved solution in container "B. Stir until it thickens into a gel-like state. With the remaining contents of container "B," you can measure out additional contents of "A" mixture to make additional gak, or throw out remaining contents of "B. Packing devices: store-bought Realistic and affordable packers, as well as STP devices, have been developed in recent years. There are a of online retail outlets from which these products can be purchased, including sites operated by trans men. The main types of packers are listed below, along with general pricing information and retail contacts.

Keep in mind that pricing and availability may change.

Caring for yourself and your packer: A note about silicone, cyberskin, ultraskin, softskin, elastomer, and other materials Store-bought packers are made out of different types How to pack ftm materials. When purchasing a packer, it is important to know what the device is made of and how to care for it and use it safely. The surface of packers made from materials such as "cyberskin," "ultraskin," "softskin," "elastomer," "siligel," or "thermal gel" is porous, meaning it can easily pick up dirt and bacteria. If you try to use these devices for any kind of sex play, they should always be used with condoms.

Keeping these types of materials clean will help maintain their texture and quality. They should be washed frequently with mild soap and warm water, and rinsed well. They cannot be boiled for sterilization purposes, as this would melt the material. When storing or wearing them, you may wish to dust their surface lightly with cornstarch to keep them from collecting dirt and lint, and also to keep them from sticking to your skin.

Do not use talcum powder for this purpose, as there is some evidence that the use of talcum powder has been linked to cervical cancer. Generally, porous packer materials will show wear over time, including discoloration, pilling, and even a little shrinkage.

What is packing?

As such, they need to be replaced periodically, depending on your wear habits. Packers can also be made from soft, high quality silicone.

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Silicone packers should also be regularly washed with a mild soap and hot water, then rinsed and dried thoroughly. Care should be taken to avoid breaking the surface of silicone. Once a crack has formed, silicone can tear quite easily.

Other than potential tearing, silicone packers tend to show less wear and tear than porous-material packers. When cared for properly, silicone lasts longer than many porous materials. Generally speaking, most porous-material soft packers are less expensive than their soft-silicone counterparts. Soft packers: introduction Affordable, realistic-feeling soft packers are available through a variety of sources on the internet, as well as in some sex shops. For the most part, the soft packers listed below fall into the two basic summarized above: A. Soft-silicone packers. Limpy" or "Mr. Softie" different stores will call it by different names, but they are all the same packermade by Fleshlight 2.

Within category Bthere are three widely available kinds of soft-silicone packers: 1. Right", made by Vixen with their special "VixSkin" silicone formulation.

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In addition to those listed above, there is a growing variety of silicone soft packers available from individuals and do-it-yourselfers who make silicone products in their homes. These are often trans men or allies who have started producing packers of various des. The quality and the availability of such products varies quite a bit, as individual commitment to production can vary.

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Finally, there are more expensive, highly-detailed, professionally-made packing products also made from silicone-- these are listed farther down this in the Prosthetics section. Mister Softie Elastomer Packer www. It is made into the shape of a flaccid penis and scrotum, and is available through the Tool Shed in two flesh-tone colors: vanilla and caramel.

The Mr. Softie comes in three shaft sizes, 3. The 3. The Tool Shed is a trans and partner friendly. Softie" listed above. The shaft of the packer features a slightly stiffer inner core material that provides a bit more of a realistic feel, and the outer de of the shaft includes veins and texture on the scrotum.