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How to act slutty, How to act slutty like date lady who like whisperyacht

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How To Act Slutty

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Only 10 years ago, if you wanted to learn how to be a bad girl, everyone you knew would judge the heck out of you. Thankfully, this dark age attitude is finally changing. So if you want to be a bit naughty these day, you just need to follow these 6 simple rules. You'll notice that I saved the best tips for the end, where I go into specific detail on how to please a guy with oral sex and dirty talk. Without a doubt, the most important aspect of learning how to be a bad girl is that you have a healthy attitude about sex. Those who are truly naughty don't hate sex, don't repress their feelings about sex, and certainly don't judge others for their sexual choices and desires.

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I grew up in a small town down south. You know the type. Stereotypical houses with well-cut lawns and sprinklers.

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Just like it looks on TV! Every Sunday was the same, get up and go to Church and then share dinner with my family that evening. I would have to listen to the Preacher talk about his morality and what he thought was right and wrong.

I grew up knowing what everybody else was doing in their private lives and I knew that everyone else in the town knew what I was up to also! To get away from all that bullshit and be able to do what I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it. I thought that was freedom. It was only afterwards that I realized that even though I moved out, went to college, started partying all weekend that things did not really change that much. My guy friends would always talk about whom they were having sex with and which girl was the best in bed.

Then one day I met a girl I really liked. We made each other laugh and got on like a house on fire.

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I told one of my close friends about her and that I really liked her. He told me she was one of the biggest sluts around. She was having sex with lo of different guys, she was a crazy girl in the bedroom, she was partying nearly every night. I was now living in the city, with millions of people, thinking I was really cool but it was just like being back at home!

A slut is a word that is typically used to describe promiscuous women and women that enjoy casual sex. It is a word that is exclusively used for women and it does not have a positive meaning no matter how hard people have tried to change this! It creates an image of a street hooker or a woman of low value. A guy who le a similar lifestyle is called a stud. Are girls supposed to repress their desires while men fulfil theirs?

Traditionally when there were not as many opportunities in the world for girls How to act slutty the workplace or in education, it was a good idea for a girl to keep guys chasing them for sex until they were married. That way they would be looked after by their horny husbands who would put a ring on their finger to get in to their panties. But this is The word slut is still pejorative but it has many different meanings:.

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This shows the term is as subjective as the person using it. Ten in a month might be a huge for one person but just a good month for another! Some people like the slutty lifestyle but only enjoy sharing it with their partner. Most guys will admit they want a slut for a partner. Maybe not a slut that is having sex with his friends and neighbours but a girl who behaves like a slut just for him. No guy dreams about being with a girl who is boring and unadventurous when having sex. They want a girl who is willing to try new things and make him feel like a stud.

Sometimes you might hear a guy call someone a slut just because she knows more about what makes for good sex then he does. A lot of guys dream about having a partner that has all the slutty characteristics that I will talk about later, but only for him.

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He would like a partner that is a slut for him. Other couples enjoy those fantasies too. Here are 7 great tips on how to be a better slut.

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These are seven ideas you can follow if being more of a slut feels like something you wish to try out or 7ideas that, if you can identify with, should help you to figure out if you are already a good slut. You can follow these tips at work, at the party or just in your house with your partner. A slut may be someone that actively seeks out casual sex with either single guys or guys with wives or girlfriends. A slut can usually be identified by her clothes. If you can see that maybe she is not wearing any underwear in public then you may be sure she has some slutty tendencies.

She may be doing it for lots of guys to see or else she is doing it to drive her boyfriend crazy and you just sneeked a peek by mistake but either way she is pretty slutty.

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It can give a great rush and make you feel not just slutty but super sexy. The same can be said if she is wearing provocative clothing like a high boots or a tiny mini skirt or a really low cut top without a bra. Sometimes sex is so good you have to make a visual copy of it for posterity.

Sometimes it can be a thrilling fantasy to pretend to be a famous pornstar. Either way, making a sextape with someone can be a pretty slutty act. Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian both made one. That is bringing slutty to a new level. Both tapes have been watched hundreds of millions of times by guys all over the world also. That shows you how much guys secretly love sluts. A slut can just be a slut in the bedroom and dress conservatively outside it. What happens in your bedroom is your private business. If you know lots of various sex techniques and positions you can drive all the slut loving men crazy.

Check out the sex positions section for over different sex positions to try out with your man. A slut never has sex far from her mind. Another slut identifier can be that How to act slutty girl drops any plans she may have to be with a guy as soon as he calls.

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This makes her easy which is a huge factor in being slutty. Sometimes being a slut is a s game. If it is your desire to be called a slut and be known as a slut then you have to follow through, otherwise it will quickly get around that you are not a slut, you are just a tease!

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And that is a far worse reputation to get then being a slut because you can leave guys tortured and frustrated. I put in 2 guys a week but as I was talking about earlier, the is subjective. I just hope that you keep to a you feel happy with and always use protection. Sometimes, if full intercourse is not your thing a blow job is a perfect substitute. And a successful slut is a blowjob master.

Your quick guide to be a slut

This can be achieved through years of trial and error. Maybe you just want to be slutty for one guy, maybe for lots of guys. Maybe you just want to experiment for a little while with multiple different guys. for our products and services www. Wow you are one filthy fucking whore. And I mean that as a compliment. Close search.

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It got me thinking about what me and my friends meant when we called girls sluts. I spent the longest time thinking about it. So what is wrong with a woman who enjoys having sex?

6 'bad girl' sex tips that will keep him satisfied for-ev-er

The word slut is still pejorative but it has many different meanings: A slut may be a girl with low self-esteem and who has many psychological triggers. Her sexual urges or her psychological needs can be triggered off by alcohol or even just the attention of guy at a bar.

A girl with a healthy sexual appetite but who has no time or need for a long term relationship may be called a slut by gossiping people.

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A prostitute who sells sex on the street may also be labelled a slut using the words definition. Not all sluts go to parties and walk curbs. Leghunter January 25, Leave a comment Name. Back to News.