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How strong is uub, Thai woman How strong is uub guy to flirts

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How Strong Is Uub

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At the start of this series, we have a year old Uub engaged in combat with Goku. The Saiyan was in his base form during this pretty even match with the reborn Majin. The extreme match left the Lookout in shambles and both fighters were left battered and bruised.

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Follow neoseeker. How strong is Uub at the end of DBZ? Community.

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Options: Share Print subscribe. Goku knows all too well that Uub is the human reincarnation of Kid Buu; so at the very least we can conclude that Uub should potentially be able to become as powerful as Kid Buu was. His power at the Tenkaichi Budokai is hard to determine since he didn't even know how to use it. Goku wasn't fighting all out either, so there's no telling. All I know is that the flashes of his power that he did show every now and then were clearly above Goku.

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Friend or foe? Nobody knows!!!!! Permanently Plugged In 9 total posts: since: Aug Goku fighting boo in base means Uub was not that strong until he got mad.

CruisiN' total posts: since: Dec And guessing by the projected growth rate over 10 years, with a similar rate of that Goku had in the 7 years from Cell to Buu League of Legends The Elder Scrolls Red Dead Redemption 2. Featured Forums. Ryse: Son of Rome. Story of Seasons Super Smash Bros. MiraiGohan member: postin' posse total posts: since: Jan He was fighting evenly with base Goku Though I don't think Goku went all outwhich could be a lot stronger than he was during the Buu saga.

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Thanks to 10 years of training Goku stated that "he's so incredibly strong" which I'm not sure what kind of strong he meant, a very "strong" for human or maybe a very strong to the point his PL is close to Kid Buu's PL. So, where do you put Uub at the end of DBZ? Was he on par with base Goku or Vegeta which could be a lot stronger than they were during Buu saga? XxSkelterXx Friend or foe?

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