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Angela Bassett stars as a divorced mother and high-powered stock broker who falls for a much younger man. Several scantily clad men and women and several kissing scenes.

How Stella Got Her Groove Back Shower Scene

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Romantic comedies are about wish fulfillment, so that makes them a fascinating case study in which wishes Hollywood is interested in fulfilling. Made in the middle of the s rom-com boom, How Stella Got Her Groove Back was also part of a wave of mainstream black cinema that emerged during the decade. It also lives on in a big way through the frequently used GIF of Angela Bassett walking away from a burning car. This time around, however, McMillan traded in the more serious, contemplative tone of Waiting To Exhale for something a little steamier. Pagan, adorable to have much interest in dating. She was a something divorced mom who fell in love with a year-old Jamaican local while on vacation and wound up marrying him.

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Travel back in time to that unfortunately brief time period when Angela Bassett was headlining movies. The correct answer is yes. To Shower or Not To Shower.

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That is the Question. Lots and lots of sex with Taye Diggs that's how!

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To shower or not to shower? They've just fought These two are always arguing.

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But since getting her groove back in Jamaica, and returning to San Francisco with her studly groove-inducer in tow, she just can't resist his shameless display. Continued after the jump mild nudity. Here's what she sees that yanks her in there Taye displaying himself in her ginormous transparent shower. You'd think Nancy Meyers directed this movie it's so real estate porny. But no. The strangest thing about this particular shot is that the pose is so submissive; once he's wet he turns his back to her and leans against the wall, spreading his legs a bit like he's about to get frisked. Every fight has to have follow up sex.

Two beautiful actors beautifully shot by Jeff Jur. They're relocated to the bed. I'm always missing Angela Bassett. These bit parts and supporting roles just aren't enough. Look at that face.

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It screams Movie Star. How Stella Got Her Groove Back is unfortunately not her finest hour -- she's a bit stiffer in it than she had been onscreen up to that point -- but that wouldn't have mattered so much if Hollywood had given her the leading Star opportunities that she had so richly earned by this point.

The final shot of this scene is actually my favorite in the movie, impromptu " hit me with your best shot " alert! They're physically as intimate as you can get, and yet they're both suddenly miles away.

4. how stella got her groove back: stella and winston

Break up. Make up.

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Break up I used to think that Taye Diggs wasn't very good in this movie because I had trouble getting a bead on what he was feeling, as if he hadn't made up his mind whether the character was a romantic saint or a savvy opportunist or some mixture of the two and the happy-ever-after romantic ending felt a little oddly grafted on after their final breakup the day after this scene. In real life the author Terry MacMillan's young Jamaican boyfriend-turned-husband who this character was based on left her seven years ago, announcing that he was gay.

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Maybe Taye knew something we didn't while filming. Or maybe I'm just remembering the movie wrong. It's a distant memory now but an oddly important one to me: it's the first movie I saw in New York City when I was here for a pre-move visit, believe it or not. Should I move or shouldn't I move. The correct answer was yes. View Printer Friendly Version.

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