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Hundreds of foreigners travel to Ukraine especially to meet ideal Ukrainian women for marriage. What is so special about Ukrainian ladies that men are ready to cross the ocean to meet them?

Hot Ukrainian Guys

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But, while it seems that the whole world loves talking about Ukrainian women, there is ificantly less info out there on their male counterparts.

My age: 23
Where am I from: Nicaraguan
Languages: Spanish
Zodiac sign: Leo
Favourite drink: Liqueur
Other hobbies: Sports
I have piercing: None

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The truth about ukrainian men

After living abroad for many years, specifically in countries like BrazilColombiaRussia and Ukraine and othersyou can always tell an American guy apart from everyone else. He just stands out like a sore thumb.

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Yes, there are the typical visual hints: the goofy clothes, an oversized t-shirt or a non-fitted shirt, the Nike or New Balance running shoes and the baggy jeans. Yes, the women.

Dating ukrainian guys

Last week, I met an American guy at my gym. It was his first time there.

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I introduced myself and after five minutes of small talk, he immediately began talking about the women in the gym. There were about 20 people in the gym, half men and half women. However, the American guy felt like a kid in the candy store.

Ukrainian men

Ukrainian men are strange. For many years, I wondered why that is. Or are they just shy and unwilling to face rejection? Or is it something else? American men are the problem.

Why ukrainian men have better game than american men

On the other hand, Ukrainian and Russian, and pretty much all Eastern Europeans are simply indifferent to the attractive women around them. The problem with American men—and, really, all Western men—is that they give too much validation to women.

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But a typical American guy worships the woman. He does what she asks, and gives her an unlimited time and attention. The more attention you provide to the woman, the more she realizes that you have nothing else going on in your life and the more her respect for you drops.

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Ultimately, validation to a woman is like sex to a man. There are direct and indirect forms of validation. An example of direct validation would be complimenting a woman.

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An indirect form of validation is spending time with a woman. A high-value man would never do that.

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He rations his time while always providing masculine support and backbone as part of the relationship. Validation is what women crave, and when you ration it, you keep a woman chasing you and, therefore, attracted to you. Hell, Ukraine and Russia are pretty much as red pill as they come, and, after over 5 years of seducing and building relationships with ultra feminine but also ultra cutthroat women has certainly taught me a thing or two about masculinity, dating, and what women really want.

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