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Much of the special was devoted to walking the fans of the show through the process of making the show from Tuesday and Wednesday rehearsals, to tape nights on Fridaysas well as sharing fond memories from their time working together and featuring a surprise appearance by Ross Bagley, who played Nicky. In doing so, both in the roundtable setting and individual interview-style talking he, the group was able to reflect on their experience, as well as the legacy of the show overall.

Hilary Banks Feet

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Parsons, who you may know as Hilary Banks from "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," says her on-screen father James Avery Philip Banks always encouraged her and influenced her to follow through with an initiative like Sweet Blackberry, whose mission is "to bring little-known stories of African-American achievement to. Avery died last December at 68 years old after complications from open heart surgery and Parsons, 47, just wishes he could be around to see what she's accomplished. It's that closeness that Parsons, Avery and the rest of the "Fresh Prince" cast have for each other, even today, almost a decade after the show wrapped. Afterward, we hung out together.

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The Banks family recently got back together for a "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" reunion special, and the experience was "emotionally intense," according to one star. The special also features an appearance from the show's original Aunt Viv, Janet Hubert, who was replaced after the show's third season and has feuded with Will Smith. Parsons called the meeting "so healing. You know, there's been comments exchanged and stuff.

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And I was never directly a part of any of it. So, I didn't like it; I was sad that it existed, but I didn't know how much it really affected me until it was gone, until things were made good.

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And when that happened, I felt this tremendous weight lifted. It just felt like — it was beautiful, 'cause it's a great show, and there's so much love, and we all cared about each other so much throughout that it was beautiful to have things set right, you know, finally.

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The reunion includes a moving tribute to Avery, who played family patriarch Philip Banks and died in You know, I'll never get over the episode that sticks with so many people, when Will's father left, and I remember Will really wanted that to work, and him going to James and talking to him, and giving him advice on things, and being really helpful in a really quiet way. And he saw possibilities.

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He used to really want me to play Lady Macbeth. He had this thing about me playing Lady Macbeth, and it was so interesting, because it made me look at myself differently.

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Parsons also shared some of her favorite storylines for Hilary — starting with the season one episode in which Will discovers she dropped out of college and he and Carlton blackmail her into performing various embarrassing tasks in exchange for keeping the secret from her parents. And we got to the part where I go to Carlton for help and say, 'He's making me, you know, clean his dirty drawers or lucky drawers,' or whatever, and he says, 'Will you clean mine? They started stomping their feet and howling.

I couldn't believe they hated her so much, they were loving seeing her get hers.

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It was fun. In another memorable episode, Hilary's news anchor boyfriend, Trevor, proposes to her while bungee jumping for a live segment before plummeting to his death. It was really fun.

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And so it was horribly disappointing to read like, 'Oh, no,' you know, that Trevor's gone, Brian's gone. And then you just see how it happened and how it played out, and then of course that's the laughs, the part that was so funny. Parsons said her view of the character has changed over the years since the sitcom's run. First child and it was a girl, you know?

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I used to imagine that they dressed her up in all kinds of little fancy little frilly things, and everything she wanted, they gave her. And my first child was a daughter, so I'm starting to even understand it, in that regard. But I think I underestimated a lot of things about her.

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I think she's very determined. It's like how our best qualities are often our worst qualities, and vice versa. You know, the confidence we all wish we had — if she wants to do something, she knows she can do it. She always gets what she wants, you know?

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So nothing stops her, and I think that's a quality of Hilary's that I love and I wish I could have a little bit more of. And I do think that she has a lot more heart than she might always get credit for. She'd be the Instagram queen.

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To me, that's so obvious. I thought of it once, and I was like, 'Oh, yeah.

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That's where she lives,' you know? And that's what she was made for.

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She would own it. She would own Instagram. IE 11 is not supported.

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