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Guys wrestling in singlets, Host Guys wrestling in singlets seeking male for sex

You may know or not basic wrestling practice only require a Rashguard and shorts. The Wrestling singlet has been the standard wrestling uniform since the s, so to be a pro wrestler you need wrestling singlet. Elite Sports provide professional singlet at cheap price.

Guys Wrestling In Singlets

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We all wear jockstraps under our singlets at my HS. Champion coolmax is the best because its a lycra jockstrap. It won't bunch up and its a lot less noticable under your singlet or lycra shorts. Also - I'm curious A few guys on our high school team wore nothing under their singlets which wasnt the wisest decision in my opinion. A couple guys wore tighty whities under theirs but most guys wore jockstraps.

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Share Facebook. Girls do you like guys in wrestling singlets? Add Opinion.

cutie female Esperanza

I second that question but I imagine it all depends on the wrestler. Being a wrestler myself Junior lbs. We have a lot of girls that come to our matches so something must be attracting them.

cute lady Daleyza

I don't think, however, that it is the heavy weights. But, if you are decently muscular than I imagine the girls don't hate it.

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KatieV Xper 4. They are the most disgusting thing I have ever seen on a guy and that includes speedos.

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I can hardly watch wrestling because of them otherwise I think wrestling would be cool to watch. Ok, I realize that it comes with the sport, so its not a big deal that you wear on, but I do think they look gross. I honestly don't mind.

It's not like wrestlers wear them all the time. I come from a family of wrestlers so it doesn't bug me at all.

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Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. Uncomfortable wearing wrestling singlet, first time on the wrestling team. Girls, do you think guys look hot in wrestling singlets? Do you like guys that wrestle? Seriously, do girls like or not like the camel toe, bulge, on the guy's pants?

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Sort Girls First Guys First. Xper 6. Nah not really.

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They look kind of ridiculous. Related myTakes. How the bible helped me cope with my moderate level depression. A few things I've changed my mind about.

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Yes No.