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Before you can even get there, trust me, I know, I'm clearly bored, with nothing to do at the moment as I wait for a call, so I decided to do a follow up and look up whether or not handicap restrooms were supposed to be merely handicap accessible or whether they were for handicap persons exclusively.

Guy Using Handicap Bathroom

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Modern Manners Guy discusses the strict rules of using handicapped stalls in public restrooms.

Can you use the handicap bathroom stall?

Hint: You can only use them if you are actually handicapped! The other day I watched a colleague — who has no disability that I'm aware of — walk right past three unoccupied bathroom stalls and into the much larger and more private handicapped stall.

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Now the reason why that stall is bigger — and sometimes nicer — is because it has to meet the needs of people who require a certain level of assistance in using the restroom. Without those accommodations, they may not even be able to use the restroom at all. But the handicapped stall is not meant to be a retreat for someone who just wants more room to stretch out their legs, while going to the bathroom.

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This was the case with my coworker who simply thought he was too good for the standard row of stalls offered to everyone else. And in that instant it made me realize that not many people quite grasp the concept of the rules for the handicapped stall.

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It should only be used if you require those accommodations. Now, the only caveat to this rule is if you really, really, really have to go, and all the other stalls are in use.

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Also, if you have a small child who basically only gives you a three-second he up. Love when that happens.

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Guess what? At least you can walk to another floor.

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So use a standard stall as a primary option. But if you have to go asap, then by all means please go right ahead into the handicapped stall.

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And if you do have to use the handicapped stall, do not take this as an opportunity to spend 20 minutes reading the paper. Get in and get out quickly, just in case someone who can only use that stall needs it.

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