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Gta 4 niko and michelle doing it, Ukrainian Gta 4 niko and michelle doing it hunt for friend especially for hardcore

We have Michelle who kind of betrays him. She is always hitting on Niko, even after you chase her off a few times with weapons.

Gta 4 Niko And Michelle Doing It

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Grand Theft Auto IV was something of a rebirth for the franchise to usher in the high definition era. The story itself was more tragic and impactful than fans were ly used to. The main character goes through more trials and tribulations than most people can handle.

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From the streets to the bed sheets, Niko Bellic will attract the attention of several girlfriends in GTA 4.

Who are niko bellic’s girlfriends in gta 4?

Players can take their romantic partners out on various dates, which range from restaurants to comedy clubs. Every girlfriend in GTA 4 has different preferences depending on tasteso players should keep that in mind. Niko Bellic has a total of five possible girlfriends in GTA 4.

Two of them are story-related Michelle, Katewhile three are entirely optional Carmen, Kiki, and Alex. Relationships can even result in rewards. With a little bit of time and effort, GTA 4 players can earn special abilities from their voluntary girlfriends.

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There are two types of girlfriends in GTA 4 - storymode and optional side ones. Niko Bellic will have two girlfriends in the main plot, which are Michelle and Kate. Meanwhile, he can also find dates online. These aren't mandatory, but they do yield useful rewards.

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Unbeknownst to him at the time, she was secretly a federal agent trying to gain information from him. This is readily apparent from her interactions with Niko - she always asks questions about his personal life. Up until the Snow Storm mission, players can date Michelle anytime they like. Unlike most girlfriends in GTA 4, she offers no special abilities.

Despite her manipulative nature, Michelle did care for Niko. She genuinely considers him to be a lot nicer than her usual boyfriends.

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Eventually, Michelle is revealed to be Karen Daniels. She manages to steal a batch of cocaine from Niko and Little Jacob. After she breaks up with the former, she forces him to work for the United Liberty Paper Contact.

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Niko Bellic takes a liking to her almost instantly. Due to her conservative views, she never engages in premarital sex with Niko. She is the only GTA 4 girlfriend with this distinction. However, her dates will reveal several tragic stories, such as what really happened to Roman's mother.

First date

Niko really does open up to her. Kate is one of the few GTA 4 characters with an unresolved fate. Depending on the player's choice, she will either live or die by the end of the game. If she lives, she will break up with Niko and console him for the loss of hs cousin. However, if she dies, Niko will be the one mourning for her.

That's according to Luis Lopez, who describes her as "nasty. She is incredibly vain, as she always refers to herself in third-person. Niko straight up refuses to buy her a house in Algonquin. Carmen works as a nurse, although she hates her job. When players reach a certain point in their relationship, Carmen will provide health boosts if they call her.

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However, she is unable to treat gunshot wounds. She can be dated after Out of the Closet at the earliest. Kiki is a guilt-ridden lawyer who believes the system has failed criminals. However, she can be rather naive. When Niko outright admits he is a killershe blames society. Kiki is rather possessive, as she will stalk GTA 4 players if they start dating other women.

She can be found during the cut-scenes, usually yelling obscenities at the other girlfriend. Kiki will also scratch the player's vehicle. She has the useful ability to lower wanted levels, down to three stars. Unlike Francis McReary, she will keep doing this after the main story is complete. She finds Niko to be a mysterious European. Alex can be difficult to find, as she only sends out a personal ad. By comparison, Carmen and Kiki can be found on dating websites. She is datable after Blow Your Cover. Predictably, Alex has upper-class expectations from the player.

She prefers it if they drive fancy cars and wear expensive clothing.

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Interestingly, she does blog about her dating experiences. GTA 4 players can access Blogsnobs. Alex goes into graphic detail about her romantic encounters with Niko.

Niko bellic

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