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Godfather cheats ps2, I would like found Godfather cheats ps2 that wants thai

If you happen to find a racket truck outside your safe house sstart shooting it so the truck's back door opens.

Godfather Cheats Ps2

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After completing the first mission, save your game and quit before answering the phone downstairs. You can resave and reload to get these rewards as many times as you would like. Press pause then put the code in. The Godfather Cheats [ PS2 ]. Private messages My forums Cheat book Go to control panel. Username: Password: Register.

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Note: There is a five minute lockout before this code can be re-enabled. To bypass this, save the game after the code has been enabled, quit the game, then reload your saved game. At the main menu or while the game is paused, press Circle, Square, Circle, Square 2L3 to unlock all movies. Successfully complete the indicated mission or collect the indicated of film reels to unlock the corresponding movie:. Successfully complete the first mission, then save the game and quit before answering the phone downstairs.

Enter a hotel, nightclub, shop, etc. Smash the cash register and collect the money. Walk out the door, then walk back in. The cash register should be fixed.

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You can repeat the process as many times as desired. Bombs, dynamite, and Molotov Cocktails are not unlimited, and melee weapons can still wear out. To become the Don, you must take over all businesses and rackets, then complete the contracts on the other families top Bosses. While driving, honk your horn constantly by pressing L3 to send other cars to the side of the road. Additionally, go to a police station and bribe the police chief. You can then steal the police car without any trouble. Press L3 to turn on the siren. Cars will now move out of your way.

Cheats and tips for the godfather

When you are being chased by enemies in a car, let them drive up on your side. Usually they will come up near your rear on your left or right. Then, look ahead and lure them into an accident. Usually they will smash into something like oncoming traffic or a wall if timed correctly. They will eventually come back and catch up to you, but if you keep doing this they will eventually blow themselves up because you cannot shoot out your car at them.

In missions where you have to kill an important figure in a certain way such as pushing them off a roof or into a furnaceyou can do this easier by luring the enemy over to the hazard you must use to kill them before fighting with them. Just avoid them and run over to the hazard.

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They will come over to you. Beat them up a little, but do not kill them completely. Then, push forward with the Analog-sticks to shove them to their death. Once you get enough stars, the police will chase and shoot you. To lose them, just move to a different area and all of your stars will immediately go away. When you are locked onto an enemy who is hiding behind a crate or low object, keep locking on but use the Right Analog-stick to move the crosshair to a part of their body that is sometimes sticking out, like their head or arm.

This will help you kill them easier.

When you are getting shot by another family or cop, grab someone nearby and use them as a shield. By doing this, you will not get hurt while being shot. All the safe houses that you pay for have ammo caches. When low on ammunition or health, you can go into these houses and restock. They are the orange houses on the map, and most are in hotels.

Playstation 2 faqs, guides and walkthroughs

To get more money, take over as many businesses, warehouses, and rackets as possible before completing missions. By doing this you will get much more on payday, and money for important weapon upgrades. To stop your money from going into some racket that will not pay off later, get the pressure up on the person you would normally buy out Godfather cheats ps2 he will instead pay you.

In missions where you raid an enemy gang's operation like a supplier or storefront racketsearch the interior after completing the main objective for hidden stashes of money and ammunition. Most back rooms, closets, and rooftops contain hidden moneybags or weapon stashes. Go to the police station in Brooklyn and bribe the chief, then rob the bank. When you get outside no one will shoot or chase you. Note: When bribing the chief make sure you have no heat. To get easy money and respect, go to the Molotov Cocktail seller in Midtown.

Look for hobos walking around, then shoot them. When walking around the city, kill the homeless men you see from time to time.

Get on the freeway and about every ten seconds a warehouse truck should appear. Stop your car in front of it, get out, cause some damage, kill the bagmen, take the money, and keep driving. You can accumulate a lot of money quickly.

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Then, return to your safe house and deposit the money. After you own the compounds, go to New Jersey. It is easier to travel through the Holland Tunnel. Go to the Stracci compound, then drive into the container park. Go far behind, where you will see a lot of containers. Step out, then you will see a lot of Stracci soldiers.

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Kill all of them, then go in to the maze. At the back, there are two boxes and another group of Straccis. Then, run as fast as you can to your car before another bunch of Straccis appear. If they do appear, kill them all. Note: You will need a lot of ammunition.

The godfather

They can be as strong as the sewer system bell-boys. Different families have different incomes; the richest family is the Barzini green family followed by the Cuneo red family. The businesses that you take from these families pay out a lot more than the other two.

Also, when you are taking over their business, do not forget to pick up the money they drop. Enter Godfather cheats ps2 sewer system and find a crate containing money, which is guarded by a group of heavily armed bell-boys. The entrance to the sewer system is directly south of the westernmost Tattaglia warehouse on the Hell's Kitchen Loop.

For example, when you are trying to take over Good Eats in Brooklyn, you can hold a gun to the man's face then reholster the gun and extort. If he refuses, simply draw your gun again, lock on, and hold it. Keep doing this until he caves in. Do not forget to reholster your gun to avoid accidentally shooting him. In another example, when you are trying to extort money from the hotel owner in Brooklyn, hold a gun to him twice, break the downstairs cupboard, then finally blow his safe before you beat him into submission.

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Always buy available rackets first. Take a trip around to either buy another racket or go around the block. Do not attack until you visit again, and instead of enemy soldiers you will find all your soldiers. By doing this you do not have to fight a bunch of enemies and get your vendetta up.

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If you have not taken over all the businesses and rackets, wait until you have reached the "Don Of New York City" rank. You will be able to take over anything without having to smash anything up or "convince" the person that it is a good idea; they will just say "Yes" immediately. Depending on the type of bank will determine the easiest way it can be robbed. The type with the three guards and one room is by far the easiest, and should be robbed as often as possible.

Use the following trick to rob it without being chased or even getting past two shields. First, bribe the cop outside. Then, go into the bank and choke the first guard by the door. Next, go into the vault area and start strangling the guard on the left.

The other guard will come and attack you, but he will not shoot. He will only hit you with his billy club. Remember to strangle the man on the left first because he tends to start shooting with his shotgun if you attack the other guard.

If you are robbing the big bank, start the same way by bribing the cop outside. Then, go in and immediately strangle the guards in Godfather cheats ps2 main room.

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Hurry down to the vault and strangle the two guards there. Open the door and blow the vault. Three or four guards will attack you as you flee the vault. Get close to them and shoot them with your Tommy gun to perform an instant execution. After you shoot them, run up the stairs and move to the right.

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Then, take an immediate right to leave the building where the car is always parked. Get in the car quickly because you will be shot at when outside. Take off and you should not be chased once you hit the streets.