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Girlfriend wants me to wear her clothes, Elitesingles Girlfriend wants me to wear her clothes hunt for guy to tickling

She wants the full thing to make me look like an actual girl, not just small dressup or drag. Shaving, Makeup, Clothes, and other. I am sort of reluctant to do this but i love her and she said we will have fun.

Girlfriend Wants Me To Wear Her Clothes

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How old am I: 37
Where am I from: Senegalese
My sexual preference: Hetero
My sex: Female
I like to listen: Rock
I like: My hobbies cooking

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She's recently confessed that she likes seeing me in her underwear thongsstockings and also a skirt or so.

I asked her what about this turns her on and she said that she likes seeing my body in them, that's all. I couldn't get much out of her because she felt pretty embarassed. I personally don't mind the idea, it doesn't turn me on however I'm always happy to do things for my partner. I'm not sure if she's into the fact that I'm dressing like a female, or that my dick looks good in lacy underwear or that my ass stands out because of the thongs. However, she did say that she wants to run her hands up my leg when I have a skirt on and jerk me off.

Has anyone done anything like this before? Any suggestions on what I can do to fulfill this fetish?

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Or like, help me understand this new fetish? Or, people might like when their partner's smells get infused into their clothing for them to smell later. This is a fetish of mine too f. I love seeing my bf in feminine clothes, like dresses, skirts, and lacy panties. It was roughly knee length on me.

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I walked out of the wardrobe to show her. The whole time her head was resting on my thigh with the other hand rubbing my cock from the outside. It was mind blowing.

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I loved the spontaneity of it and the way it felt physically. I mean tbh I have a similar thing, personally I think it has less to do with gender stereotypes and more to do with the fact that lacy underwear and skirts etc are hot articles of clothing.

Exactly my thoughts!

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She likes the idea of running her hands up under my skirt and rubbing one out on me. I think it's hard to fully explain why we kink on the things that we do, so asking your gf to totally wrap her head around her desire might be difficult. Lucky you though. Not only is your gf getting in touch with her desires but she's comfortable enough to share them with you.

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I would gladly wear panties every day but my SO says seeing me in them is just a bit too much for her. Just give it a shot and stay open. It may progress into something and it may just be as simple as dressing up occasionally! There's a dozen of reasons for her to like it and nobody here can tell you what is the one for her besides herself.

If you are indulging it for her already there is a good chance that she will star to feel more comfortable with her fetish and open up more for you. So my suggestion is to just make her happy if you are willing to indulge and keep improving on the communication. Sounds erotic for her, and a fun time for you. Unless this makes you uncomfortable you should go for it.

I can't talk about similar experiences or fetishes because every person is unique, and only she can fully explain her arousal to you, no one on Reddit can begin to understand this.

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But sounds hot, go for it. Trying to explain aesthetic interests is really tough and "I like seeing you in this" sounds like an aesthetic interest. Think about it this way, why do you like chocolate or any food?

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If you haven't put some serious thought into that question it can be awfully difficult to answer the question of why something tastes good or is aesthetically pleasing and that could very well be why she has trouble articulating what precisely it is about this that she enjoys. No, but as a straight guy I can see some of the reverse appeal of a woman in men's clothing. First, I acknowledge that anyone can wear what they want and so the following isn't indicative of any attitudes towards people outside of sexy time.

A woman in man's clothing can serve to highlight her feminity. I guess the thought is "you're trying to look like a man, but failing so hard you look even more womanly. For your girlfriend it may be the same. Seeing you in her clothes might highlight your masculinity by how awkward you look. There is also a completely different possibility.

Perhaps wearing her clothes makes her feel some ownership of you. Or perhaps she likes seeing you embarrassed and vulnerable.

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My wife is the same way. I'm happy to oblige her. Lucky for me I can fit in the same clothes as her, and she has 's of sexy things. I would probobly have fun with this. Who knows, maybe overtime I would find it to be a turn on. Does she enjoy being dominant? That's what I was thinking but when I did it she didn't laugh or anything she just got really really turned on and was all over my cock. Found the internet!

Am i in a healthy relationship?

Girlfriend wants me to wear her underwear, stockings, skirts. Posted by 3 years ago. Sort by: best. Utilikilts are the best! Skirts with pockets? Hell yeah! Came here to say this.

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That's an interesting one! Continue this thread.

This is how your girlfriend wants you to dress

Dude sounds so similar thanks heaps for the input! Any tips? Just go put a pair of her panties on then. Start with that. Sounds like you two should go shopping.

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Yes she does. More posts from the sex community. It is a sex-positive community and a safe space for people of all genders and orientations which demands respectful conduct in all exchanges. No exceptions. Created Jan 25, Top posts june 18th Top posts of june, Top posts Back to Top.

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