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Getting dressed tumblr, I Getting dressed tumblr seek girl who loves tickling

When he takes his first few breaths after the performance is over and the theatre is roaring in applause — he looks for you.

Getting Dressed Tumblr

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Slate Magazine The title is kind of click-baity but it makes some great points. We all gathered together to celebrate our refusal to fucking die and put a collective middle finger up to Mark Zuckerberg. I'm so glad you're on Tumblr and post your thoughts on fashion sometimes. I also love the history posts! Thanks for brightening my days!

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Hairstyles Both short and long hair is acceptable in lolita. Long hair can simply be left as is or be styled in an elegant ponytail, braided, put in a neat bun, or in twin tails. Twin tails are particularly popular in sweet lolita.

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Bangs are incredibly popular in lolita in general, especially straight bangs. Natural colors black, brown, auburn, blonde, etc generally work best with lolita.

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Unnatural colors, such as pastels, are generally used in sweet lolita, but other unnatural colors like burgundy, steel grey and white are seen in gothic lolita too. Whether you are showing your natural hair or wearing a wig, keep the color in mind when coordinating. Wigs: fake hair or fake hair pieces. Makeup Makeup is usually subtle and girly, but can be more dramatic for OTT looks. Wearing no makeup with lolita tends to leave an unfinished look to the overall coord, especially when wearing a flashier print or OTT look.

Other lolitas will try to do their makeup to look more doll-like in appearance.

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Figure out what looks best for your facial structure and experiment. If you are playing up your lips, you may want to tone down the color on your eyes. Likewise, bolder eye makeup and go with a less bold lip color.

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Purpose and venue is also equally important. Sephora even offers a free foundation matching service in stores and free classes on makeup although this could vary from store to store, location to location. For any dark-skinned readers that are looking for makeup that might suit them and are having difficulties with the aforementioned shops since many brands Getting dressed tumblr a variety of skin tonescheck out this list.

here. Nails Nails are often cut short or at a normal length. Long nails are more of a gyaru aesthetic and not so much a lolita one. French tips are also a good choice and go with any outfit. When picking a nail color, you should choose one that goes well with your coord this is a given. Matte or gloss polish is fine, as well as glitter. Avoid chrome and neon polishes in most situations. You can also apply cabochons small plastic 3D shapes or rhinestones to your nails with some nail glue for a touch of added flare. Angelic Pretty has released nail stickers to match certain print series, so if you really want to be fancy, you can look into those.

A more advanced test for your color season can be done with eye color and skin tone, in addition to hair color. This guide an also help for those that like more visual aids. There is also this one.

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These are just suggestions though; finding what suits your specific body is a journey unto itself sometimes. The standard size in lolita generally suits those that are 5ft 2in to 5ft 7in.

I just want to feel pretty — getting dressed for all the pantyhose lovers out

Ideally, your measurements are at least four to five centimeters under the max measurements of an item. Of course, there are exceptions as everyone has a different physique etc. Plus size Lolitas. As a general rule, there is always the possibility of altering garments so they fit you better.

Make sure you take them to a professional tailor or seamstressunless you are very confident in your abilities. Keep in mind that this will lower the resale value of the dress, should you choose to sell it later. Like mainstream fashion, lolita has varying degrees of dressiness depending on the occasion. Here are some tips for choosing an outfit.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Keep in mind that, while the style is more toned down and wearable, it is still a full lolita outfit, and adheres to the basic anatomy. This style also sometimes looks similar to otome kei. Wearing your natural hair is encouraged.

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Otherwise, opt for a natural-looking wig. Choose medium to large poof, dressier boleros instead of simple cardigans when applicable, and more detailed blouses. If you like prints, this is the easiest way to wear them. Choose fancier headwear, and accessories to match the theme of your coordinate. Style your natural hair nicely or wear a wig that suits your style.

You can go wild with poof and accessories, just make sure that everything else is balanced, this goes especially for hair and makeup.

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Limp, lifeless hair underneath a huge bonnet can quickly kick your coordinate down a notch. OTT outfits are often heavily themed, and usually not very practical for everyday wear. Dresses styled in an OTT way often feature lots of lace and details, or intricate prints. Showing up to a fancy event in jeans and T-Shirt would be frowned upon, and the same goes for lolita. In the same vein, if you want to wear your sweetest OTT outfit to go to Walmart, no one can stop you, but it might not be the best choice.

If you do this right, you should be able to pull at least 10 good coords from your closet.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Similarly, an outfit that contains a flower crown, a sailor OP, and a heart-shaped bag may seem a little off. Pull themes out of your coord if it has a print and stick with them for the best. They will be difficult to match, and often end up looking garish or costume-y.

In general, stick with either all silver, all gold, all bronze, or all pewter a darker silver if possible. Mixing too many colors or styles in one outfit, or wearing a garment made of poor materials are common s that an outfit is ita. Wearing brand does not guarantee a perfect outfit, and wearing handmade or offbrand does not automatically make you ita. Fyeahlolita has a good guide on how to avoid being called ita here.

Most lolitas have been ita at some point.

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If you ever find yourself being called ita, try using the criticism to improve your style and avoid your missteps. The Lolita Guide Book.

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Welcome to the Lolita Guide Booka resource for all things about the popular Japanese fashion, lolita. Click the links on the sidebar to get started. Volume 5: Getting Dressed.

Love all things — getting dressed for the day 😚

Pictured: an example of straight bangs, featuring a wig from Lockshop. Pictured: a wig by Cyperous.

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Styling your hair simply is also acceptable in lolita. Pictured: an example of fake nails with nail art on them, from Bling Up Nails. Pictured: a simple body type guide, by anonymous, to be used to get a basic understanding of what might work for your body type. Click it for a bigger image. Pictured: an example of a taller lolita 5ft.

Pictured: an example of a male lolita, courtesy of orgasmicyogurt. Pictured: an example of a casual lolita outfit, from an Angelic Pretty advert.