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Gay frottage stories, I Gay frottage stories up girl that wants tours

With the current fashion for newlyweds to have their wedding night nuptials committed to canvas, I have become familiar with sketching hesitant couples alongside their conjugal beds.

Gay Frottage Stories

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I was at home, upstairs in the bathroom where the light is best at mid-morning.

How old am I: 20
What is my ethnicity: New Zealand
What I prefer to drink: Whisky
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This is a true story about a recent experience I had while traveling for work. I was staying a few days in a city far from my home town, and I searched a website that I sometimes use that is specifically for guys who are into frottage, or cock rubbing and body contact. I found a guy called Don who lives in that city who is into erotic wrestling.

I love frot, and had fantasized about wrestling with another guy who was into frot, but had never had the chance to try it. We chatted online a few Gay frottage stories about what we wanted to do, about our likes and dislikes and fantasies, then agreed to meet in my hotel room after I checked in. We agreed to three rounds of wrestling in our underwear, followed by naked wrestling, as many rounds as necessary until one of us was the winner. My hotel was near the airport, and I had quite a large room, with two double beds.

Before Don arrived I set about re-arranging the furniture. I stripped the two beds and pushed them together in the center of the room, then re-arranged the blankets and sheets over the top of the two beds to cover the small gap in the middle. The result was a huge, flat wrestling platform in the center of the room.

Erotic wrestling match

I then moved all of the other furniture out of the way, and adjusted the lighting to highlight the wrestling area. Don arrived right on time, and I let him in, feeling a little nervous. He had a compact, athletic frame, and was dressed in a white T-shirt and jeans. I was wearing a white wife beater and jeans. I am tall, with a slim runners build; he was a little shorter and more muscular than me. We shook hands, and he admired the set up I had arranged in the room.

Then we decided to get down to business right away. We each slowly stripped to our underwear. It felt slightly embarrassing and a little exciting to be undressing in front of a complete stranger that I had just met and shaken hands with, and exciting to watch him undress too.

‘frottage’ stories

As I undid my jeans I noticed he was watching me as much as I was watching him. As he removed his T-shirt I saw he had a flat belly, and a ribbon of dark body hair running down the center of his chest.

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As he lowered his jeans I saw he was wearing snug grey sport briefs, which looked very hot on him. I was wearing white low rise briefs and I saw that he was checking them out as I lowered my pants to the floor. When we had stripped to our underpants we stood and checked each other out for a couple of minutes. He had a nicely toned body, with a moderate amount of body hair, nicely defined arm muscles, a cute ass, and bulge in the front of his briefs that suggested that he was getting semi-hard already.

I felt his eyes roving all over my body, and a flood of warmth in my groin as my own dick started to swell a little. We climbed onto Gay frottage stories bed and knelt facing each other. On the count of three, Round 1 started. We grabbed hold of each other, our bare chests together, arms wrapping tightly around each others torso, and started pushing and shoving, each trying to push the other one over. I could feel his hot chest rubbing and heaving against my chest, his nipples against my chest, his breath on my neck, our thighs rubbing together.

Soon, our groins touched, our cocks met through the cotton of our underpants, our pouches pressed together as we struggled to push each other over. I felt his cock poke me, it was hard as a rock now, poking against my thigh, then against my own cock.

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I was fully hard now too and our cocks banged and rubbed together through our briefs. Suddenly he toppled me over and I was laying on my back and he was on top of me, pinning my arms down, straddling me, grinding his cock against my cock, humping his balls against my balls. I fought back, panting and moaning, writhing and kicking my legs, twisting and turning as he thrust his hips against me.

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Finally I broke free and I rolled him over, I got on top of him and now it was my turn to pin him down, holding his wrists against the bed, his arms spread wide, locking my legs around his, thrusting the pouch of my briefs against his, sliding my cock backwards and forwards over his, rubbing our cocks together through our briefs, grinding and humping against him as he fought me.

We struggled and fought, sweating and grunting and panting. He broke free and we were both on our side, legs locked together, cocks sliding Gay frottage stories thighs, sweaty chests heaving together, hands all over each other. Finally we broke apart, Round 1 over, both of us breathless, panting hard. We lay side by side on our backs, catching our breath.

I looked over at him, he had a sheen of sweat all over his body, and he had a big tent in the front of his briefs.

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I looked down at my own body, I was just as sweaty as he was, and my throbbing erection was stretching the front of my undies out, I had just as big a tent in my own underwear, and out of the corner of my eye I saw he was admiring it!

We had a drink of water and it was time for Round 2.

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This was more of the same, only even more intense. We switched positions more often, cocks rubbing all over each other through our underwear, hands groping each other all over.

Gay frotting stories

I grabbed his balls through his briefs and tugged on them, later I felt him grabbing a handful of my balls. He grabbed my ass a couple of times and I grabbed at his cute ass as we grappled together. I even grabbed his cock through the pouch of his briefs once, causing him to moan loudly. This time, when we separated at the end of the round, we both had big, sticky patches of pre-cum on the front of our briefs.

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Round 3 was the wildest yet. He got me in a scissor lock with his legs wrapped around my head so that my face was buried in his crotch, forced up against the sticky pouch of his briefs, with his hard cock and his balls pressed against my mouth and nose.

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Then I got him down on the bed on his belly and I got on top of him and rubbed my crotch against his ass, pushing my boner in my briefs between his ass cheeks, forcing his briefs down into his crack as I ground and humped against his ass. After Round 3 we needed a break to calm down and let our throbbing cocks cool off. Neither of us wanted to cum yet, and we were both right on the edge. The next round was to be the first naked wrestling round, but I suggested that instead of us just stripping off our underpants, that we start wrestling in our undies again, and forcibly strip each others underwear off.

This was really fun! We grappled and wrestled and grabbed and tugged at each others briefs while grabbing at our own briefs and trying to keep them up! sociální síť pro dospělé

I would grab his waistband and get the back of his briefs down, revealing his bare ass, and he would pull the front of mine Gay frottage stories, so than my hard cock popped out on display, then when I grabbed at my waistband to stop him from completely de-briefing me and pull my underwear back up he would get his briefs back up over his ass too. We struggled like this for quite a while, rolling around on the bed together, underwear half on and half off, hard cocks flopping around and poking and rubbing against each other, bare asses coming into view then disappearing again, balls swinging free then getting covered up again.

Finally I managed to get his underpants right down to his ankles, leaving him virtually naked. I lay on top of him, pressing my body against his, grinding the pouch of my briefs against his bare cock.

Me and freddie : part 1

But as I reached down to yank his undies over his ankles I was distracted and he seized the chance to pull my underwear down too. I got him naked first, but my undies were round my ankles only seconds later. Round 5 was pure naked wrestling.

We started off as before, kneeling, facing each other. As we started the round our hard Gay frottage stories were pressed together between our bellies as we tried to push each other down. He got me down first, and lay on top of me grinding and humping his cock against mine, sliding his cock over the top of my cock. We swapped positions many times, with lots of cock to cock humping and grinding, cock on balls humping, cock against chest and ass and thigh rubbing.

It was very, very erotic and hot and both of us were leaking pre-cum and smearing it over each others naked body as we fought and wrestled together, writhing and heaving in a tangled mass of naked male flesh and cocks and balls and asses on the bed. After Round 5 we lay together, naked, sweaty, sticky, panting and heaving, cocks sticking up like flagpoles, both of us so aroused we could hardly stand it. Round 6 turned out to be the final round. We grappled for a while, cocks rubbing and sliding together, and soon I had him pinned so well he could not get away.

I had him on his back and I was straddling him, my cock pressed hard down on his cock, and he admitted defeat. I sat up, kneeling over him in victory, sitting on his thighs, and placed my cock on top of his, my balls nestled against his balls, our two hard shafts together. I wrapped Gay frottage stories fist around our two throbbing dicks and started to slowly wank us both off as he just lay there, exhausted. I stroked our two cocks together and fondled our balls, then wrapped both my fists around our cocks and stroked us double fisted.

I jerked our two cocks harder and harder, faster and faster, now I had my head thrown back and I was moaning loudly and my ass was bouncing up and down on his thighs. He reached up and ran his hands over my chest and played with my nipples, and reached down and fondled my balls as I stroked us both off. I loved the feeling of his hands all over my naked body, and the feeling of his hard cock against my hard cock and our balls bouncing together, and I loved wanking our two cocks together in my fists. I wanked us furiously, in a frenzy now, my hands lubricated by our mixed pre-cum, my sticky fists flying up and down our twin cocks.

Erotic wrestling match

I was moaning and panting, and he was whispering "Oh yeah man, stroke our cocks together, fuck yeah, I wanna watch you cum, man, cum on me man, cum all over me! I cried out and my whole body bucked and I shot a geyser of cum all over him, all over his belly and chest and over all both our cocks and balls. Man, I shot a huge load of jizz!