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Game of thrones vs spartacus, I am search Game of thrones vs spartacus that wants scars

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Game Of Thrones Vs Spartacus

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Every episode was exciting and enthralling. The acting was so good that I started to feel emotionally attached to a lot of the characters. For example, pride for Spartacus, and hate for Glaber.

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Game of thrones finale vs. spartacus finale

New posts. Search forums. Spartacus vs Game of Thrones. Thread starter Loublaze Start date Mar 10, They talk about our midfield, squad rotation, our midfield, substitutions, our midfield, Ole's management, and they also touch on our midfield. Which show do you think is better? Game of thrones Votes: Spartacus Votes: 24 Equally as good Votes: 11 6. I don't know Votes: 17 9. Total voters Loublaze ATLien.

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ed Aug 30, Messages 16, This is mostly for people who have watched both shows of course. I like Game of thrones, but having just started watching Spartacus recently I really appreciate how entertaining it is. Im up to the final season, and the show doesn't have one filler episode.

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Spartacus had a smaller budget of course, coming from the Starz network, but it delivers blood, action and boobage in abundance. I have to say it delivers more consistently than GoT if you're looking for straight up action. Both shows are really good though. Iron Stove Full Member.

Spartacus is better

ed Jun 7, Messages 5, Easy choice really. RedSky Singe Scout. GoT easily, but I do love Spartacus and the third season is one of my favourite seasons in any TV show. Cheech Wizard Liverpool fan. I loved Spartacus, still got the last couple of eps recorded on my box from when it finished couple of years ago.

The dialogue was fecking brilliant, perfectly executed and hilariously insulting. Good acting, hot babes, lots of action.

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Iron Stove said:. Shane88 Actually Nostradamus. ed Jan 12, Messages 30, Location Targaryen loyalist. Game Of Thrones, by a distance. Spartacus is still great though. So quotable, if you don't mind using bad language. Shane88 said:. Loublaze said:. ed Sep 16, Messages 6, Location Shanghai. Very different kinds of shows really. Game of Thrones is better as an overall quality drama series.

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Spartacus is just unashamedly entertaining, testosterone driven hilarity. Although with that said the finale was truly remarkable and moving. ed Dec 13, Messages 35, Kazi Full Member. Can't stand Spartacus.

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GoT is clearly the superior show. Spartacus is enjoyable, but Game of Thrones is on another level in terms of story, writing, acting, production and so on. I just don't feel they are very comparable.

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I don't mind Spartacus, but I lost interest after the second season. Sky Fending off the urge. ed Apr 12, Messages 26, Location Under the bright neon lights of sincity.

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I don't think you can compare them, they're apples and oranges I'd prefer Spartacus for pure boobery and Lucy Fecking childhood jerk material 1 Lawless naked! Oh Yeah! It's a sinful pleasure, GOT was just a very good miniseries they're good don't get me wrongbut Spartacus is like porn, and you can't compare porn with mainstream movies.

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Although the last seasons seems draggy and lacking interest, it's as guilty pleasure as it goes EDIT: you should put "can't compare them" as an options, cause that's where my vote goes. ed Nov 15, Messages 6, There is absolutely no contest whatsoever.

GoT is one of the best TV shows ever made, if only because of the achievement of adapting those books for TV. That is one hell of a task and in my opinion it's done brilliantly. The characters are portrayed excellently, the story is gripping and shocking look at the reactions people give regarding some of the major events that take place and the nudity is necessary.

Spartacus vs game of thrones

Spartacus on the other hand is in my opinion pure shit. From the terrible acting - awful accents and false grunts when fighting - to the detracting CGI that makes up the background. It's just altogether not a show for me and not fit at all to be compared to GoT. Waldner said:. GoT is one of the best TV shows ever madeif only because of the achievement of adapting those books for TV. ed Apr 6, Messages 3, Location currently unknown.

GoT definitely even though it is a bit slow at times but overall it really grows on you.

Why spartacus is more groundbreaking and hardcore than game of thrones

Spartacus Season 1 is enjoyable with great dialogues especially Batiatus. But everything just went flat after that. LLMU said:. Sky said:.

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Who got the better babes though? ed Apr 8, Messages 23, Location Moscow. Acting in Spartacus is quite bad. The story is worse than in GoT too. Dumbstar Full Member.