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Like most marriages in the series, Drogo and Daenerys did not marry for love. Daenerys was quite literally traded to the Khal by her brother, Viserys, in exchange for a Dothraki army for his plan to sail back to Westeros and claim the Iron Throne.

Game Of Thrones Robb And Talisa

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This is another solid pairing. Yes, their marriage ended in bloody death at the Red Wedding, but while they were together, Robb Stark and Talisa Maegyr were among the more functional couples on the show.

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Game of thrones season eight is going to be the final season in the series.

Game of Thrones season eight is going to be the final season in the series. As the premiere date is approaching, there are several fans who have started to rewatch the seasons from the beginning and one of those fans have come out with a pretty exciting theory about Robb Stark and his wife, Talisa Stark.

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Over the years, fans from around the world have come up with different theories about Game of Thrones' characters. One of the most talked theory was about the true lineage of Jon Snow.

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At the same time, many have argued as to who will sit on the Iron Throne. Recently, a fan pointed out an interesting theory about the Starks and if the theory holds any truth, then it could change how everyone saw Robb in the first place.

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After getting married, she and Robb were murdered by the Bolton during the Red Wedding's horrific scene. As per the story, this was the end of Talisa, but as per a new theory, Talisa was, in fact, a Red Priestess.

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They appear to possess several supernatural abilities like resurrecting the dead. As per the story, they do not take vows of celibacy and seemingly engage in a form of sacred sex as well. Since both Robb and Talisa were both slain during the Red Wedding, I feel like even if this were true, it is now irrelevant," the fan wrote.

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However, this theory contradicts to one of Talisa's dialogue from the show. As per the books, she was born in the Free City of Volantis and after witnessing the death of her young brother, she had said, "I decided two things that day.

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I would not waste my years planning dances and masquerades with the other noble ladies. And when I came of age I would never live in a slave city again. This is an interesting theory for sure, but nothing is confirmed by the creative minds behind this epic fantasy series.

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Game of thrones

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