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Futurama vs american dad, Wonderful Futurama vs american dad looking up men to tickling

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Futurama Vs American Dad

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Search forums. Log in. Install the app. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Thread starter Firky Start date Feb 13, Futurama is the best thing in the universe Votes: 23 Family Guy. I know people that are fat and stupid. Votes: 15 American Dad. It is so funny because it so true Votes: 2 2. They're all shit.

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Votes: 1 1. Total voters Firky The first of the gang Banned. There can be only one winner.

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Poll to follow Firky said:. Click to expand Lava post-Kyoto mofo. Futurama is teh coolest ting eva! Shippou-Sensei Maggot The Cake of Liberty. What the fuck is that?

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Stigmata sexual tyrannosaurus. Family Guy is ace for the fact it has moments of surrealness to it, like when Stewie falls into the fridge and gets transported into the Aha - Take on me, music video. Simpsons is funny, but I've seen it a thousand times before over the last 15 years. Futurama has Bender.

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An alcoholic, whore-mongering, chain smoking gambling kleptomaniac. Also Leela is a bit of a fox for a cartoon cyclops. American Dad has moments of funnyness, but that is all. Reno The In Kraut. It's The Simpsons for me, which was brilliant from Season 3 to about Season 10 and that's a lot of great episodes.

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While I loved Futurama just as much, it built on the success of The Simpsons and wasn't running long enough to go off the boil. I've only ever seen a few episodes of Family Guy and American Dad, hate the way they look and don't find them particularely funny.

I like King of the Hill much more than either of those. RaggaKing Banned Banned. Simpsons hands down.

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I've just finished watching seasons 14,15 and 16 solidly, watching an ep a day and I love it to bits. There's no cartoon character who can beat Homer Simpson, the man is awesome Family Guy and American Dad are both excellent though, I've never watched Futurama, the characters look a bit crap. I really dont like the simpsons. Skim has retired. Simpsons, by a long way. Family Guy has its moments, but it feels like a poor man's Simpsons to me.

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Futurama's one and only saving grace is Bender Wiskey out on her own representing Family Guy! Stigmata said:. KoH is very good, but it is not in the same style of the ones in the poll, is it? I mean, yeah it is a cartoon but its more realistic. I love his Dad. Termite Man zombie flesh eater. I've voted futurama but if King of the Hill was in the poll it would have got my vote as well.

Simpsons gets my vote.

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Simspons by reason of durability. Funnier for longer than the rest and with wider appeal.

Simpsons vs family guy vs american dad vs futurama

Futurama is great - but I can say that coz I love all the sci-fi in jokes. Family guy is basically at its funniest when it's being an adult cartoon. That's not Futurama vs american dad say I don't think they're brilliant, they are. And Simspons seems a bit stale these days. The new Simpsons are crap but it's always been overall the best. Then Futurama Family Guy is a close 3rd. I think we can all agree that American Dad is woeful. People, Futurama is as funny as anything else, but the Simpsons is something else.

The Simpsons really is something special. None of the others, including Futurama, have a touch on The Simpsons as and how I hate this term social commentary. The other two don't bear talking about. King of the Hill is great. Dubversion Gorn Enforced Holiday. Family Guy is fantastic, has made me laugh more in the last few months than Simpsons ever did, but just doesn't have the depth. American Dad is delightfully nasty, but that's about it. Futurama is, i dunno, 'okay' at best. The Lone Runner Bring it on! Am a big fan of king of the hill tho Idaho blah blah blah.

The Simpsons paved the way for all of those others and should be given credit were due.

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Futurama is ok, I'll watch it until the kettle's boiled. King of the Hill is different from the others in that it is much more affectionate about the characters. It isn't just aimless lampoonery.