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Flip the frog and clarisse the cat, Erotik lady Flip the frog and clarisse the cat male for love

Flip the Frog is an animated cartoon character created by American animator Ub Iwerks.

Flip The Frog And Clarisse The Cat

Online: Yesterday


Though no new material was produced later, the series received heavy TV play in the ss; today, modern DVD editions seem to have brought the series back into the public consciousness, if just for classic animation buffs. Iwerks, who left Disney to launch his own studio, created an almost anti-Disney series in these tales of a down-and-out Funny Animal. Flip is typically seen either opening a new business or trying to find work, but ends up in trouble due either to interference from Depression-era threats or from his own clumsy nature. He constantly has problems with his Speech-Impaired Animal sidekick, Orace the mule; he is ridden by his boss, a stern but man-hungry spinster.

Years: 23
Figure type: My figure type is quite thin
Body piercings: Ear lobe piercing
Tattoo: None

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eye-candy babe Jianna

Prev Scraps Download Next. It's been a good while since I've drawn these two. The-stooge Watcher link.

eye-candy females Celia

Wow it has been a while! Looking great! Sights Musician link. SorcererLance 2D Animator link.

Jasper the penguin (a.k.a. flip the frog) (lovey's style)

I've not seen these two since the days you sold VHS tapes of your old animations from way back when Foxipso Anthro Artist link. Now that's a pair I haven't seen for a while. Xanthemew Commissioner link. Back in the day, those two were my favorites.

Haven't seen Flip and Clarisse in ages. ArashiM link. Sci Traditional Artist link. Ah, I remember first seeing these two in an Amiga magazine feature.

black lady Treasure

Those two are always a treat to see! TristanBeaner Pec Bouncer link.

damsel personals Millie

Faves all around! Is that youClarisse?

Eric w. schwartz

Clarisse Cat and Flip the Frog! How long has it been? I remember seeing that frog in an old game. BlueSly Lurker link.

cute wives Reagan

That can't be good for her boob. Can't imagine how much that would hurt. Cute, silly couple. Reminds me of those short animations you made that were looney tune like but for a more mature audience.

Dax Photographer link parent. Pippuri Digital Artist link. Aww man, my favourites of your characters! Love to see them drawn again c:.

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MissTick Anthro Artist link. I love them! Say, my Spore-sona? In your universe, Arch becomes their butler, and guardian in times of danger. I'd love to see a new animated short featuring these two someday. Kooky Anthro Artist link.

Oh wow, blast from the past! First animation I'd seen of your back on my Amiga Sonic Digital Artist link. Tai-1 Chronic Procrastinator link. Due to so many fans feeling nostalgic about Flip and Clarisse I decided to post a link hosting some old animation from EWS.

Of all of your characters, Clarisse is my third or fourth most favorite.

Flip the frog

Comment hidden by its owner. Loving this pic along with everyone else! Graytail Anthro Artist link. And not a cubscout cookie selling coonie girl in sight. Winterbeast female body inspector link. This website uses cookies to enhance your browsing experience. Learn More.