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Navy nuclear engineer and his wife charged with trying to share submarine secrets. Oil cleanup continues in Orange County as estimates drop for size of spill. Hundreds of thousands of U.

Female Expansion Stories

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Battle of Badrcein Islamic history, major military victory led by the Prophet Muhammad that marked a turning point for the early Muslim community ummah from a defensive stance toward one of stability and expansion. The battle damaged Meccan trade and boosted the morale of the ummah as a viable force in its pursuit of control of the holy city. There the two parties clashed in traditional fashion: three men from each side were chosen to fight an initial skirmish, and then the armies charged toward one another for full combat.

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But there are things you can do to reverse the scale and feel better.

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In Marchwhen the country went into lockdown, people who could do their jobs from home shifted quickly to work-from-home arrangements. This left people scrambling to set up a home office, and for some, the kitchen table seemed like the most convenient place.

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Studies show that distracted eating, or not paying attention while eating, causes people to eat more. Being more mindful about your snacks and mealtimes will help you avoid overindulging.

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Even if you can fit exercise into your day more power to you! All of the small things you did throughout your workday added up — walks to the parking lot, extra steps during your break, running errands during lunchtime, etc.

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Exercise might not feel like a priority with everything else going on, but the benefits are huge. It relieves stress, boosts your immune system, and reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression. Any physical activity that you can fit into your day even a five-minute walk will be helpful to keep your weight in check and brighten your mood.

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If you've felt the effects of StayAtHomeLife after a year, there are some simple steps you can take to put that scale back in its place. Remember: Even though there were plenty of disruptions out of your control, you can still take charge with healthy eating and activity.

The good news is more people are cooking from home these days.

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The bad news is preparing three large meals a day might be adding to your calorie intake. Before the pandemic, an on-the-go lifestyle meant fitting in a quick breakfast and lunch. If you are now cooking three meals and snacking more, that adds up to more calories.

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This will make grocery shopping easier, and it will help you avoid unhealthy options. If you order groceries online, stick to buying only what you need for the week to avoid purchasing tempting treats that will derail your progress.

Expansion stories

Facing that in black and white might help motivate you. All rights reserved.

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Learn about possible causes of weight gain and tips to get back on track. Questions about adjusting your diet? stories like this Weight Loss. Related Articles.