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With 74 luck I'm pretty sure you could stuff a gun into your own mouth and still manage to kill everyone in the room except yourself.

Fallout 4 Party Girl

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Every skill tree in Fallout 4 has 10 different perks that the player can unlock with perk points. Some of these perks are incredibly useful; however, some of these perks are silly and don't have any meaningful effects. There are even perks that can be obtained through companions.

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Charisma is the ability to charm NPCs to get more information, convince them to do something, or avoid a fight. You can also use Charsiam to barter or make Marchents lower the prices. If you want to be successful in speech challenges it is best to invest in Charisma Perks in Fallout 4.

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Conversations have different difficulty levels so having a high Charisma stat goes a long way. Spend your perk points to boost Charisma in Fallout 4, invest to get 1 point of Charisma to a max of Below is a complete list of Fallout 4 Charisma perks. This perk gives you better bartering power which is how you enhance your workshop settlements.

This is a highly unique Charisma perk that allows you to do more damage to the opposite sex during combat. Now this one is quite interesting and must be used when you plan to spend more of your exploration time alone. When you invest points in Lone Wanderer you get additional bonuses while exploring Fallout 4 without a companion.

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If you wish to control the animals you see in the wilderness, invest in Animal Friend. It allows you to point a gun at an animal to pacify it and later give it commands to, for example, follow you to an enemy camp to cause a distraction. You can create the following:. In addition to animals and creatures, you can pacify humans in Fallout 4 through Charisma Perks. Invest your perk points in Intimidation to pacify humans and get your way. The best Charisma perks completely depend on the type of build you want to create in Fallout 4.

Party girl/party boy

However, there are some general perk tips I can give you. Need more help? in. Forgot your password? Get help. Privacy Policy.

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Password recovery. Guides Fallout 4.

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All rights reserved. CHR 1. Get more out of buying and selling at vendors. Level 20, CHR 1. Buying and selling at vendors is even more fruitful. Level 41, CHR 1. CHR 2, Female. CHR 2, Male. Level 7, CHR 2, Female. Level 7, CHR 2, Male. Level 22, CHR 2, Female. Easier to Pacify with Intimidation Perk. Level 22, CHR 2, Male.

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CHR 3. Level 17, CHR 3. Level 40, CHR 3.

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CHR 4. Dogmeat can hold an enemy which gives you a better chance to hit them with VATS. Level 9, CHR 4.

Fallout party girl

Dogmeat attacks have a chance to cripple the enemy limb. Level 25, CHR 4. Dogmeat attacks have a chance to cause Bleed. CHR 5. Point a gun at an animal lower than your level for a chance to pacify it. Level 12, CHR 5. Incite the pacified animal to attack. Give commands to pacified animals.

CHR 6. Create supply lines between Workshop Settlements.

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Level 14, CHR 6. CHR 7. No chance to get addicted. Level 15, CHR 7.

Fallout 4 charisma perks

Alcohol effects are doubled. Level 37, CHR 7.

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Level 43, CHR 8. CHR 9. Aim your gun at any creature below your level for a chance to pacify. Level 21, CHR 9. Incite attack with a pacified creature.

Party boy | party girl

Level 49, CHR 9. Give commands to pacified creatures. CHR Aim your gun at a human below your level for a chance to pacify them. Level 23, CHR Incite pacified humans to attack. Level 50, Give commands to pacified humans.