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Fallout 4 Headbob

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Just yesterday as I was trying to play Tomb Raider again, I had my worst case of motion sickness yet.

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In general, I get it about half of the time when I play that game, if not more often. It started quite recently, this year. Maybe because of the new games I've been playing, which look more real, but still fake enough to confuse the brain. Especially Tomb Raider has a lot of camera wobble and motion blur going on. Also, there are things like FOV and refresh rate to consider. Other games guilty of that include Portal 2 and Fallout New Vegas. I'm wondering, how common is it though. So vote away.

Sorry for no Potato, But I realized that loving potatoes and having or not having motion sickness are not mutually exclusive. Which games have made you ill? And is there anything special you have done about it?

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I'm considering buying travel-pills, not sure if they work, but they may. Have a game that shouldn't make you sick, unless you're allergic to strategy. I USED to have motion sickness in games that included racing or in games that required my character to take a lot of turns in a short amount of time. True, but that would make the game more difficult to beat.

Blade Kitten Game looks great but I have no idea why I keep getting sick every 15 minutes playing this I tried playing this twice but its just not worth it I think it has something to do with its weird in game camera movement. Resident evil 5 Only on a certain area where you riding a spinning plaform elevator you get sick its not much of a issue as long as you don't die multiple times trying to pass this area.

I only ever get motion sickness whenever there's screen shake, be it in a first person game, top-down Fallout 4 headbob even in a 2D side-scroller. Everything else motion blur, head bobbing, FOV, etc is perfectly fine. Never had motion sickness, but I did get weird feeling when I was using 3D glasses in games at first. Now I'm perfectly used to it and can't wait for proper VR Definitely a problem, especially with FPS.

I use Sea-Bands.

Excessive head bob hints at how weak gamers are in real life

No drugs, and they work wonders. If it wasn't for Sea-Bands, I'd never have been able to finish Firewatch. Triggered it something awful for me. I also second the sea-bands idea. Works wonders for me in first-person games. Theyre usually pretty cheap at a Walmart if you have one near you. Well, with two people recommending it, I think I'll have to give them a try. Thanks for the recommendation -- I'd never heard of them before you and Raven mentioned them :.

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If not, it's a Source Engine game, so you can always set it with the console command. Motion sickness is for the weak supposedly really unpleasant. I wouldn't know, I don't get motion sick, but I do get vertical disorientation whenever I use elevators. It goes away once I return to the either the preceding or ground floor. Dead Island Riptide, gives me motion sickness because of the weapon swing.

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Can't play this game for more than an hour per session. Also, I got motion sickness when playing Dawn of War 2: Retribution. Probably due to the screen-shake that simulate quakes whenever someone stomp the ground. Same effect that makes me sick in DOTA 2 too but at least there was an option to disable that in-game.

It's only ever happened a few times to me, but when it does it definitely sucks. I think Half Life 2 like someone else mentioned was one of the worst.

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It only really happens in FPS games to me it seems. I think the best way to deal with it is to sit further back if you can, or adjust the FOV. I also get somewhat used to it by just powering on through the game. Turok was the first game that made me motion sick.

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I didn't know what was happening at the time and thought I was going to die. I usually avoid FPSs because most will make me sick. I do however play a ton of CSGO and that has never given me any trouble at all. No, never. I only experience this when I read something on the bus for an extended period of time. Too bad. I have a hard time playing any game with 'motion blur' turned on, but have never become ill or dizzy from games. Many things to take into consideration.

Same with CSGO.

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No joke, what helped me was having a shot or a beer before Id play. Well, until I bought a pair of "sea-bands". One of my friends suggested it after she had a huge issue with nausea when she was pregnant. Theyre just these wrist band things with a bead on a pressure point in your wrist.

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Turns out they also helped me with getting motion sick in games and on long car rides. I get it even with games I enjoy. Just check my hours for Skyrim.

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But there was one day I was playing it and doing a nirnroot quest and just walking in circles and I just got really bad motion sickness. Also, Witcher 2 got a bit of a case of that, mostly because of the camera controls. The only game that makes me consistently barf is Payday 2.

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I have about 1 hour before it sets in. Motion blur, depth of field, screen shake, these things are horrible and pee me off, so I usually turn them off where possible. But they contribute to feeling cruddy for sure. Never had any motion sickness with any of the games I've played throughout my life. I always thought it was related to whether someone has poor vision or not. After more than an hour in a car, I start to feel really sick. Luckily, I did not experience this in games so far though I feel rather uncomfortable when there is too much action like in some shooters or these hell bullet games.

What happens quite often is that I get serious headaches.

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After an hour playing Borderlands 2, I have to quit. I don't usually but I busted out Sonic Adventure 2 just yesterday and there's one level where you have to switch the gravity repeatedly but the camera doesn't change and the controls get all messed up I was feeling a little barfy by the end. I only get motion sickness when playing a game with first person camera but only if there isn't something to look at, like a gun or hands. Sometimes i think it's just my brain messing with me cause i start feeling sick the moment i think i want to play such a game.

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Comment has been collapsed. Have you experienced sickness from games? View. Yes, it's a problem.

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Only once-twice, not really an issue. I think it has something to do with its weird in game camera movement Dishonored luckily you can solve this in option changing Fov and removing bobble head Resident evil 5 Only on a certain area where you riding a spinning plaform elevator you get sick its not much of a issue as long as you don't die multiple times trying to pass this area Saints row 3 Motion blur turn that shit off you have force it off in display.

View attached image. Drink lots of water. Seems to help me out quite a bit with motion sickness. Half life, Among the sleep, mind path to thalamus.

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Well that's not good, as I was considering purchasing Firewatch. Try Sea-Bands.

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I was able to play for a few hours at a time.