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If you've got full Robotics Perk ranks in Fallout 4, you can use a scoped- weapon exploit to absolutely dominate the Automatron DLC package by hacking robots. To accomplish this, you'll need a high Intelligence and three ranks in Robotics.

Fallout 4 Hack Robots

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I'm level 18, have two perk points to spend, and I'm considering taking Robotics Expert. However, I'd like to know how useful it is at lower levels. I've seen some awesome videos of people "enslaving" robots with rank 3 of the perk, but that's not available until level How do the lower levels of this perk stack up?

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Alright, I have robotics expert rank 3 and I want to hack a robot. I expect that it has to be done while not detected but when I aim at the robot I don't get a hack option I am using a scope. I could have swore I read that you can do it through the scope now as well.

You don't need to be close whatsoever.

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I just beat Mechanist this past weekend and was amazed, so fuckign amazed, at the shit I pulled in the end battle, I hid in the back bottom corner in the dark and literally hacked every single robot as they spawned. They were in front of the mechanists' platform and I was hidden.

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You don't need to be close, you don't need to be behind them. I found it difficult to aim when scoped, so I equipped my shotgun with no scope and aimed down the sights, R button to hack, brings up pip boy, choose option to explode, repeat.

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I'll admit, I had the 3rd level perk for ages, but thought I had to sneak up behind them as if I was going to backstab, turned out I was wrong. This perk at level 3 is broken it is so easy and powerful.

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Legendary sentrybot? One click.

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Help me hack robots. Am I missing something? Sort by: best.

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You need to be super close and press x or whatevee. Continue this thread.

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